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Friday 26th November, 2010



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Everyone loves success and so do I. Previous posts have been pertaining more to hardship than success stories. As we move forward, you will see how my life changed Ėthe way I took my business forward.

The Choice Gardens housing project was completed, every apartment sold, securing a good reputation among my customers, made money and even today, I can confidently say that we were the first ones to introduce this new concept of living in Cochin, Kerala, India. Today you will see every builder trying to provide better facilities to their customers day by day. Someone had to innovate and there will be people to follow and that is what makes a leader. One should have that quality of leadership where you do things differently, leave trails behind for the next generation to improvise and thus pave the way for a better world.

As I completed Choice Gardens, construction of the high tech factory began to take off. It was the first attempt by someone in India to bring in Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) technology into the food business. IQF shrimp meant that you could freeze each individual piece of produce and store it for more than two years. This technology was very new and all the equipment had to be imported from Europe. I was so eager in completing this project, with a clear intent of making it a success, turning that success into wealth and started to dream of what I would do with the money. You not only need a vision but you need a dream too. A dream with substance and one that is sustainable. I knew I would make it happen even though I was pretty new to it.

I found suppliers in Europe, negotiated and purchased the equipment. Even though all this equipment seemed like rocket science to me, it was exciting. I knew that was my way forward and took this as a clear opportunity to grow, not only by acquiring this technology but also tying up my sales on a buy-back arrangement with my commercial partner in Tampa, Florida.

From the day I started to break ground, I thought about how I could convert my investment into revenue, as quickly as possible. I was determined to finish this project in 120 days. An unbelievable task to many, especially my colleagues, but I was unwavering. I literally lived, ate and slept on site. The equipment was flown down from Europe by air rather than shipping it by sea, to save time.
The construction department caught up and stayed ahead of schedule. Only crazy people set such targets!
As planned the equipment arrived by air, technicians from Europe flew down, started assembling the machinery and we began to prepare the production plan. Friends, it happened. On the 120th day we inaugurated the factory. It was September 26th 1991. History was being made here. The first IQF seafood factory was presented to this country by Choice.

The factory was inaugurated by the then Deputy Commerce minister of India, Shri. Sreedharan, the Government of India not only recognized my efforts but encouraged the trade to follow suit and they did. Even P. Chidambaram, the then Commerce minister of India visited the factory at a later date. In a couple of years, more companies were putting up IQF factories, leading to employment and today this IQF technology related exports have crossed over Rs 7000 crores ( $1.5 Billion ) in value from India. Companies freezing burger patties, french fries, seafood and even basmati rice. See where it went.

Someone has to lead the way without the fear that someone else will follow you. Thatís called Leadership! A true leader will always stay ahead of the game, charting out a new course, setting a perfect example and let the rest of the world learn from it, while continuing to live the good example. Thus you contribute to a better world.

Be a leader!

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