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Friday 31st December, 2010



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Dear Friends,

What I am writing today is not a blog, but a message to my friends……

At midnight, tonight, as the curtain falls on 2010, most of us tend to forget the year that just went past and we look forward to the New Year with hope. It is quite natural that we forget the past, but I think we should take some time to ruminate and analyze where we failed (if we did), and why we did, the reason for failure and how we could do things differently and so on. It would also be good to remember our success stories, how we achieved it and how differently we did that.

I am sure all of us had successes as well as failures in 2010; plenty of happiness and sorrow.
Human life these days has become so mechanical that we seem to have no time for anything.
The world seems to run at such a fast pace that the human race sometimes loses direction; too much of information, too much of everything and thus, priorities and ethics seem to have blurred and at times, even lost.

As 2011 dawns, many of us make earnest resolutions and commit ourselves to change. Some decide to become better human beings, some decide to quit a bad habit and some decide to work harder.
In my opinion, people who work hard may be pardoned and the people who do not put in any effort in spite of possessing all the resources may be questioned. We all know God is so kind to us and we need to analyze the purpose we were born for. We were all born to perform. ‘To perform’ is a role that was given to us like a role of a movie star in a cinema. They have got to do it right and if they don’t, then the movie fails. The same is the case with our lives. We all have been assigned a role, but there are people who don’t even know what their role is and lead a confused life, thus finding themselves in situations they don’t desire to be in. Then they complain. They even blame it on God saying “MY TIME IS NOT RIGHT”, but to me, there is no such thing. It is all a matter of doing our job sincerely with the resources given to us and putting in better efforts day by day, changing tactics if needed and bring in new strategies. At the end of the day, we need to keep our own soul happy and that is called success. When you embrace success, you will hear accolades from your soul celebrating the success.

We all have been blessed in numerous ways or else have been given the tools for it. ALL IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE ARE GIVEN TO US, FOR FREE, BY GOD.

We must recognize them and be truly thankful for them as well. We all know that when we were born, our parents expect their children to be complete - two legs, two arms, a heart, two eyes, two kidneys, two lungs etc and all of them function in tandem, like magic. We are also blessed with hope, with the power to think and act and a lot more. Just taking stock of our blessings will put an end to our complaining and blaming.

It is when we learn to take responsibility, we become accountable. Being accountable can be seen in different ways. To some it is a burden, to some it is challenging and to some it is motivating. We all are accountable. We are born to be accountable. It is like a chain beginning with our Creator and ends when we go back to Him on the Day of Judgment. There is also a judgment when we are alive. We are accountable for our well being, happiness, success and failures. We make them. There is no external factor. We alone are instrumental. If you hold yourself accountable, others will become accountable to you. Can you imagine a world where everyone is accountable to each other? What a wonderful world it would be. There would be no crime, no drugs, no divorce, because people will execute the power of accountability correctly.

Friends, I want to wish all of you a Bright & Prosperous New Year.

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 vanitha santosh rao says:
your writing has really touched lot of delicate issues in life & business which we generally dont accept or able to talk to anybody. god bless u !