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Monday 26th September, 2011



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Dear Friends,

Every day one learns! Don’t we? I do. Writing these blogs has helped me quite a bit in terms of examining my past and building my confidence.  Looking back always helps as it insures us against committing the same mistakes we made in the past. Life is a major challenge and we will have to deal with the unexpected and the unknown. Every day comes packed with unexpected challenges.   In this particular blog I am going to stay away from the challenges of doing business in India and come back to you with some of my earlier type of writing.

I don’t know how many of you are aware that though I’ve been a diligent student who learned from the lessons of life, I’ve not gone beyond 11th grade in formal school education.  I haven’t written about this explicitly so far.  Probably I have touched on this in some earlier blog.  However, I want you to know that I had the opportunity only to sit in a formal class room only up to the 11th grade. All that I have today, knowledge in particular, came to me through self education.

Today, I own and run a big school, ‘The Choice School’ at Cochin where the student strength is over 2300 and the teaching and non-teaching staff together, close to 300 in number. As I write this story sitting in Mumbai, I go back to my past and even wonder if I had envisioned starting a school when I was doing my studies.

I see the educated youth today and I also follow the current pattern of education, especially in the colleges because I too have college going children.  From what I see among the current youth, they go to college mainly for finding friends and acquaintances and somehow while away the time they are required to be in college and manage to pass their tests and exams “some how”.  I wonder what they are learning!  The reading habit has disappeared.  General knowledge is poor.  Today’s dudes know nothing and they don’t care about it as well.  What they are into is what I call, “pleasures of life” – face book, twitter and texting.  For all this, Blackberry helps.  What do they achieve from all this?  What do they learn?  They may be building a huge database of acquaintances, but do these acquaintances help, especially when in need?

I was in Thailand yesterday with a close friend, Mohan Lal.  He too writes blogs and he writes it on the 21st of every month.  He asked me to read his latest blog and I think all of you should read it too. It simply conveys one message.  “All your friends may not be there for you”.

To read his blog go to

I have not asked his permission to include this, but I believe he is a true friend and he will find no objection to me doing this.  Read it if you get a chance. However, it is in Malayalam.
I think the next generation believes in ‘plug and play’. The future generation is dreaming of aircrafts without pilots, cars with no drivers, everything at the push of a button. It is a matter of grave concern that while this technology up gradation is going on, the hands-on habit is disappearing. I don’t know how many know to swim against the current, I wonder how many can talk about farming and what is happening to the food needs of the world – who is going to produce the crop we need?  Is it going to come from a laptop or tablet?  I doubt it.  What one needs is to embrace ground reality and keep abreast of what is happening in this world, especially today’s world: a world which is faced with financial challenges, unemployment and uncertainties. Even the most experienced gurus are struggling for a solution.
 Where are we headed? The future is not going to be easy.  It is not going to be a cake walk. Only the excellent will win.  Only the guy who attempts the impossible will win. In my small way, I think I did it and am filled with a feeling of accomplishment, especially for starting a school, which was not even appreciated by the city I live in.  People even doubted whether I was educated enough to attempt starting a school. I was told by a few friends that I used to be the topic of discussion in high society those days.  People even commented, “Jose Thomas? Starting a school?!”

Friends, see where the school is today.  I am proud to have over 2300 students in my school and to get great feedback from over 1200 alumni who are living in different parts of the world as fine ladies and gentlemen. I feel I have contributed to society. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.  
Of course you need friends and acquaintances. Everybody does. But at the same time, don’t forget, you need to know the meaning and pleasure of accomplishment.

I will write more about this.  Stay tuned…..

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 GIbin Jose says:
Nice to read your blog .... it's really happy to know that you were there at BKK with lal and team. cheers ! Gibin.
 Karan Vanjani says:
Awesome Sir! This is one of the Best Blog i've ever read!! :)
 Saurabh Yadav says:
Very true sir, today's youth are not capable to lead nation, they are living in virtual world and don't want to come out of their self made cocoon...
 Benny says:
Hello JT, I always read your blog. I don't know if you remember me. I used to work in Choice IT Dept at least 7 years ago. To own a school like Choice School which is one of the best schools in Kerala may be even in India is a great accomplishment. Only people with great courage and commitment can achieve this. In the famous book the Alchemist it says "when you wish to achieve something wholeheartedly the whole universe will come to help you"....... Best regards Benny
 vijay says:
you have given a good message to the next generation youth
 Ipe Peter says:
Excellent experiences JT! The feeling of accomplishment, sense of accomplishment for you is great. I can immagine the sense of satisfaction and also the great feeling that you are enjoying by contributing something substantial to the society in the form of an institution. All the Best and Hearty Congratutations Ipe
 Sanji Kuruvilla says:
Very true what you have wrote one should have a vision to have the best education as it is the building block of one future and these days they do not give too much value for that. Kudos to you to see and encourage that. Sanji
 asha s nair says:
i read your blog and i could identify myself with what you have written.Having worked for 20 years nonstop i am taking a break from work and am here with my husband in London.Being jobless at the moment i access facebook and spend my time reading various blogs.And sometimes i feel like one of those youngters of today going about life without a sense of direction.Life i feel is the best teacher than any educational instituition and thats why our parents and forefathers are the best when i t comes to practical knowledge and decision making.Iread Mohanlal's blog too.It was an outpouring of one's impressed by both your writings.....never stop...
 jacob abraham says:
Well i am the few ones who know your Educational background and also know the man,Vincent fernandes,who had taught u.I genuinely appreciate the effort u had taken to improve yourself.Even more i appreciate your professionalism,when at one time ,the principal of your school had to detain one of your children for low grades,and your cool response to it, which had(to me) put you a cut above the rest.You are a few among such elite ,socially responsible person. well correct me,if i am wrong
 Hari says:
Exactly the youth are doing in a fantasy world of these virtual things, I can see all around my friends chit chatting about a lot nonsense and I usually feel bored to be with them. They don't what to do anything, just plug and play feel. They are more selfish too. About the education, in most professional and post graduate professional colleges in out state just output hamburgers, no value. Again great right up, hope I can too write like you once in the future. Waiting for more of your sharing.
 deepak says:
you are great
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