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Sunday 16th October, 2011



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Dear Friends,

I just got back after a long trip to the U.S. While I was there I had some new experiences which set me thinking and I felt I must share them with you.

Today's world is all about ` winning í and the term ` success í is not bandied about so much anymore. Everybody has their share of success, but to bring home the result is the key today.

As I write about winners, friends does any one of us remember the 2nd person who landed on the moon or the 2nd person who climbed the Mount Everest? No. We generally don't remember those who finish second. The world does not see them as winners. We only talk about the winners and they get remembered and continue to be leaders.

In today's challenging world, there is very little room left for people who think like the mediocre, behave like achievers and act as if everything is accomplished. No, I don't believe in this. When I look back to the many years of my life, what I see more are my failures. But here I am today, still continuing to pursue my goals and chasing my targets. Are these targets money? Not at all!! After a stage in life you start changing your priorities and money shifts to a different plane. Money is something that we all need to build a business and to expand a business, but when it comes to someone like me who has seen enough of life, I start to look at life in a different way: shifting the focus from money to being a "winner". †

I know that I too have to leave this world and after I am gone, if I can leave behind something that I have done and accomplished for society I would call myself a winner. I started to ask myself how much more I needed to push to get there. I remember how when I was young I had the urge and a fire in my belly which drove me crazy. I wanted to be a winner. I know that.†

I also tried to do many things to impress the people I dealt with: To impress my creditors and give them the confidence that I am "The man". I remember I used to go to the most expensive stores in New York to select my clothing and visit the best menís saloon to keep myself in perfect condition because I knew this was needed. The way you dress, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you interact with people in society the way you project yourself are all important.

It is also very important who you hang out with. I strongly believe if one mixes only with millionaires, it is virtually impossible not to become a millionaire oneself and if one only mixes with losers and negative thinkers, it is also impossible not to become similar. It is very critical today to know who you are dealing with, even while you are selecting or choosing a friend. You always should be surrounded with positive energy and should stay away from negative energy. I used to hang out with people who were the best in their fields even during the worst phases of my life. I used to throw myself into situations where I drew their attention and learned a lot from them. Listening to big stuff helps as long as one knows how to recognize exaggeration because you don't want to get caught in what the modern world calls "B.S.".

† One has to be realistic and find the right company and associate with them to learn their positive sides and make use of their experiences. I did this and it really helped me when I was in trouble. When I was seen in public in my hometown people had only one question to ask: How is your business doing now? Initially these questions used to irritate me because I knew they were deliberately asking this, to rub in my bad times. Some people relish seeing other peopleís failure and they are the ones who try to bring you down. I am sure all of you must have experienced this. Perhaps this cannot be called jealousy because it probably comes from their inner frustrations at not having made it themselves and also from a competitive thought process.

It is pretty common. I used to be asked: When will you come out of this problem? How are you going to re-pay your debts and so on. I handled those situations and protected myself from destroying my mind and my confidence. I also held my head high in those situations and said to them, "You can't help me, Iíve got to help myself", and that is exactly what I did. That is what you have to do in case you are in difficulty.

There is a solution for everything, but you need to know how to go about it and start finding ways to put those issues behind you. My advice is, find the right friend and network yourself into a rewarding relationship from which you could learn and benefit because experience does not come overnight. Experience is something that you gain like how cheese is made. To make the best cheese, you need to churn a lot of milk. According to me, once again, the best way to gain experience is from people who have gone through fire and come out unscathed: AS WINNERS.

Be my friend and I would love to be one of yours. Stay tuned for more...

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 liza sunny paul says:
This one is too gud sir...i could actually relate to what u were trying to convey....and i completely agree that everything depends on who you hang out with.!!!!!!!!!
 K K Jagannivasan (Jagan) says:
Nice write up..Good statements.. Let everybody be 'Winners'!!
 jacob abraham says:
You had given an sincere, straight from heart advice,especially for those who desire to come up in life.When i read your blog i,thought about an late uncle of mine,whom you were very much associated with,buying posh cars,in difficult times,just to make a public statements as you had hinted,in times of Difficulty.Your association with people like mohanlal ,who came up through very diifficult situations(He was vitually bankrupt at one point of time),is a case in point.I throughly enjoyed yr blog.
 bits says:
as they say..."`big shots` are those `little shots` who didn't stop at failures".... i do believe we need to redefine the definition of "success" though... wishing you inner peace, joy n. strength best regards.
 Lashondia Goodman says:
Dear Mr. Thomas, your words of wisdom are always needed. I teach kind words everyday to my family and try to give to others. Going back over my life failures and back to college has also increased open-mind outlooks to situations and business world. Definitely surround yourself around positive because negative will try to crush your goals & dreams. Mr. Thomas keep providing knowledge. Congratulations sir.
 Jagadeesha.M says:
Dear sir please tell us one story which is hindered you boost your morale to become what u r today...
 Vimala says:
Dear Mr. Jose Thomas, I read your blog and enjoyed. Everybody wants to become winners in their life, for that they wants to have right friends to help them in their difficulties and good experience brings success. Wish you all success and best regards.
 K.A.Joseph says:
Doing something that other do not dare to venture will make you stand out in a crowd. This is what you have always tried to do and you have always emerged a winner. I have once seen this one of a kind attitude of yours myself many year back on the narrow Thevera bridge. One this day of the incident this bridge was chock-a-blocked with traffic from both side and the vehicles were literally snailing and then....I saw you with a foreigner in a SLK Mercedes Benz zipping with the two wheels of vehicle on the walk way just about missing the bus and cars on the main stream. I trust you will still remember this ..!! This is guts man..and this kind of attitude of yours have always made you stand out in a crowd.I always make it a point to read your blog very month, I am your admirer..Keep going.... !! - Jopen,Cochin.
 Siby Alex says:
Well written.
 Siddharth.a.patel says:
Mr.jose thomas i always admired you when it came to business sir you rock keep goin higher and share your experience i will surely follow your steps..and will become a winner like you some day....
 Karan Vanjani says:
Sir, your blogs are always fun to read! I really admire them and you. Keep writing sir!!
 Danielle says:
A better magazine theme would make the blog nicer.:)