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Wednesday 26th October, 2011



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As the whole nation celebrates the "Festival of Lights.....Diwali", let me first wish all my readers a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali and I hope the Goddess Lakshmi will bring in happiness and prosperity for all of you.

I too started to feel the spirit of Diwali around me even while I was aware that I was due to write my blog. I was, as usual, wondering what I should write on. My inner heart this time told me to write about "One's desires".

DESIRE - We aspire for many things in life and keep dreaming. This is called, "DESIRE". We all have this don't we? Each one's desires are colored by one’s experiences and circumstances. When we feel that we need to achieve something in life, we dream about it and we start chasing this dream. According to me, this is a natural gift from God which keeps us moving and kindles us with new challenges and dreams.

Right from the early stages of my life, this feeling surrounded me and I think that is what kept me going.

Friends, if I have to go back to the journey of my life, right from the age of 18 when I went to Japan, I am convinced that what drove me on was that inner desire to make it big. I am not yet done with my aspirations and I am still in search of finding more and more avenues to satisfy my inner desires.

In this process of soul searching, I jumped into various risk taking and adventurous moves.

Recently, soon after a major charity show at the "Choice School", one of my good old friends who used to be in my company's accounting firm, who happened to be at this show, came up and congratulated me on what I had done and the way I addressed the gathering. At this time there were a few people around us and all I asked him was, "Do you remember what you told my mother and me when the first partition took place in my company?” When this happened, he had made only one statement. "Do you know what you are doing? Do you know the risk you are taking?” As I started to speak to him, I said, "Aren't you happy that I came out of the major challenges that I faced which make the people around my family and me proud?” All he did was hug me, smile and say, "You still have a long way to go, but you got to keep in mind that risk taking should be measured carefully". I took this in the most positive manner and at the same time, I added this to my desire list, to be more careful and a bit conservative with my moves ahead from now on. Nothing has deterred me so far from my desires.

I even remember that when I was far too young, I made many a decision, started projects and made forays into unknown areas and I never consulted any one. I went with my guts and desires. Friends, it is extremely important that you all understand the real meaning of being desirous and having clear set goals in life with a plan to achieve these desires and when you get your breakthrough in life, you will hear bells and whistles from your soul celebrating the exhilaration of success.

On this day when all of you celebrate Diwali let me wish you all,” A Very Prosperous Diwali and let those lights in and around you illumine your path to your true destiny.”

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 usha kamath says:
A very Happy and Prosperous Diwali to you Mr. Jose. I have been following your blog ever since I visited Choice School with my dear friend and your first batch teacher- the one and only Mrs. Nalini Kudva, who left your esteemed organisation most unwilling due to relocation to Bangalore. I was fortunate to work with her in the same school here in Bangalore and we are very good friends now. Together, we visited Cochin and Ernakulam this last Dussera holidays, and since she has been talking so much about her beloved ex-school, I insisted that I visit with her. it was a wonderful and memorable visit indeed and I cannot resist from giving you a feedback about it. First of all I found the buildings and sprawling landscape just glorious and most clean, so plush and so well maintained...truly surpasses international standards. I have been fortunate to have worked in an International school overseas and currently working for a well known CBSE school here in Bangalore, but honestly, what I saw of your school is really praiseworthy. The Principal Mrs. Molly Cyril and all the faculty members were extremely hospitable and took pains to show us around and extended their warmth and hospitality that was heartwarming indeed. The students look very happy and seem to enjoy what they do, the classrooms are huge, airy and colourfully done up.the staff-rooms are very comfortable and well equipped. Students and faculty are provided with all the possible facilities conducive to their all round development- playgrounds, swimming pool, a state of the art gym, latest technology for learning and teaching, great hostel facilities, the fantastic JTPAC which unfortunately could not be visited as it was locked, but I am told is truly worth a visit and which I promise to do in the future sometime....I can go on and on pointing out all the virtues of YOUR SCHOOL, Sir. I was really pleased to note that you are truly a large hearted human being, a real educationist, a visionary in the real believe in giving to society in full measure, without cutting corners and without making compromises in quality or standards. You have aimed high and reached much beyond it. Why I say this is, because in my two decades of teaching and playing the role of an educationist, I have seen many people set up schools as commercial establishments, and they run them like they do - their kitchens!! I am disillusioned with the quality of so called 'education' that is being imparted by these schools, but they have earned a name in the state or nation because of the wealth they have accumulated through their commercial establishments and the 'contacts' they have developed over the years. Therefore, it was refreshing to see with my own eyes, something that everyone wishes for - a real and solid education in befitting environs- with a humble leader to guide and mentor them, giving them adequate freedom and the support to carry on with what he dreamt and visualized. Through your blogs I have read that you have not had such a rosy past, your struggles and pains have been narrated by you so truthfully and simply that I cannot help but admire you sir!! I have taken the liberty to express my thoughts and opinions unabashedly and I hope you do not take it amiss!! I am really impressed!! Sir, Please do consider setting up more such institutions around the country which would really benefit many more... Bangalore would be a good bet ( for selfish reasons too I must confess).. there is a dearth of such institutions and a great need for them is felt. With best wishes for a bright and prosperous year ahead and in all your future endeavors Yours Sincerely Usha Kamath
 jacob abraham says:
I liked your Diwali message.I think u had wisened or riped with the age.ofcourse the speed u had travelled in initiating several projects,like at one time,you were even planning a takeover of cochin shipyard,following the jap model.The shipyard chairman's wife at that time Mrs. Bawa,had been your sec. at that time.later i heard u were planning to start an Airlines too?But u had dreamed and attempted what others hadn't dared to do.Even the landscape of your office at kumbalam.I felt that the place as a whole is naturally conditioned rather than Airconditioned.Well there is a freshness and novelty in each of your projects