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Friday 06th April, 2012



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Dear Friends,

I wonder who invented the word “Hope”. Don’t all our lives revolve around the world of “Hope”? Do we realize how many times we mention the word “Hope” every day while we speak and write?

Can you imagine a mind that’s bereft of “hope”? At the age of 17 when I lost my father I was shocked and I didn’t know what to do. I was quite concerned about my future, worried about the uncertainties of my life. But see what happened. It was “Hope” that saw me through and brought me this far.

Don’t you think that when hope dies the reasons to sustain our lives also die? People who have committed suicide are people who lost their hope. The concept of “Hope” is something that is freely available for everyone and when this sense of hope embraces us, nothing is insurmountable.

Keeping this simple theory of “Hope”, many have started their journey and continue their journey, including me, hoping “I will be”, “I will get”, “I will see” and so on. I am a business man and I have a family and I too have my social commitments. I too have hope. I have hope about my business and its growth. I have hope about my family. I have hope about my social presence and so on. At the same time, hope is not going to take you anywhere if you don’t put your foot forward and make an effort to make things happen. You accomplish hope only when you make things happen and the feeling of that accomplishment is sometimes difficult to explain.

The end result of “Hope” is not definable. At the same time, hope cannot be attached to things and pleasures alone. Has anyone thought or said, “I hope I become a better person”, “I hope I become useful to others”, “I hope I will end up in life as a winner” or “I hope I will be remembered after I am gone”, “I hope the next generation will do what I did”.

Friends, this is the simple theory of life and this is no science. This is what we all live on every day: “Hope”.

People who believe in hope get an intuition which I believe is from our Creator. This little intuition is like a wire that connects and drives you to do things because just hope without an accompanying effort makes no sense.

Of late, I have started writing about the new moves I’ve been making, travelling to countries that I have not visited so far. In the past three months, I have travelled to Mexico, Dominican Republic and soon I will be visiting Peru and Colombia. Friends, do you know why I am going to these places? It is because a sense of “Hope” draws me to these nations. To me it is nothing but economics. I am a businessman and I am looking for and hoping for newer opportunities, newer pastures and newer avenues. If I did not have “Hope” in my life, I would probably have been a laid back person doing nothing because fortunately I have worked hard and made enough wealth to support my economic desires. Now what? Why am I doing this? My faith in “Hope” leads me to furthering my ambitions while being a bit cautious as well !!.

According to me India, the country I live in which is perceived to be on a major growth path to the whole world, is passing through some economic challenges. The parameters do not seem right. The economic data is on a downward trend, high interest rates, political instability, no decision making, inconsistent policies, trade imbalance, heavy dependence on imports, and the likes gives me the feeling that I should look for alternate markets and this is the reason why I have put my foot forward with the hope that I can open up new avenues.

In my next blog I will write more about my experiences in the Dominican Republic and the countries that I will be visiting in the next couple of weeks. I travel to the U.S. next week, again, with the hope that I will achieve something new.

Friends, can you imagine if you and I did not have hope? Where would we be? Let’s all, as the saying goes, hope for the best and be prepared for the worst .

As I conclude this blog I hope all my readers will have a prayerful Holy Week and a Blessed Easter.

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 Subramanian says:
Interesting to read your blog HOPE. This hope is a wonderful version which only keeps everybodys life going. If you do not have HOPE and work to accomplish it you are not alive. This blog reminded me of my article I wrote in my earlier office magazine. My humble suggestion is why cant u consider of establishing a monthly/quarterly in house Magazine which will help every member of choice family to contribute and share their ideas and talents.
 K. Ipe Peter says:
Dear JT, First of all, I wish You and your family a blessed Easter. As you rightly observed, we all live with " Hopes". Let our Hopes bring only good things in life I also wish you all Good Luck in your venture after visiting Peru and Columbia in the days to come. Regds, Ipe
 ChanHope says:
you are really true, the hope which make everyone to think about the next day, the future, u had asked bout" Has anyone thought or said.." i had asked and thought such question from childhood and still hoping and trying hard.. tht y am ChanHope. love to express :)
 Roopesh Babu Ravindradas says:
Dear J T, I was inspired by your talk that you did on our celebrations .This was 3 years back in H R D in Fort cochin, That was one of the best motivation for me. I am one of those students from H R D of father Thampi who was lucky to get an opportunity to be here in Australia, all the best for ur next adventure with hope, with love and prayers, Roopesh
 Connie C. Khan says:
Thanks a ton for stating your opinions. Being a writer, I am always in need of unique and different solutions to think about a topic. I actually uncover fantastic creativity in doing this. Many thanks