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Monday 16th July, 2012



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Today is July 16th, “The Choice Day”. I wonder how one more year has flown through my life. July 16th is a day of major reconciliation for me. I give a lot of importance to this day because it is on this day that I really got an opportunity to get back to my business life. It is the day I was born – my birthday.

As I write this blog on this day, when all my employees are going through the momentum and heat of getting ready to take part in the Choice Day celebrations, I always make it a point to go back into my life – the journey that I began with the hope of what I wanted to be at the start of the 37 years of my career.

As the sun rose today, the 16th of July, I visited the cemetery where my parents are laid to rest. I always make it a point to go there on this day to have a conversation with my parents, especially with my father who handed over to me the mantle of running Choice. Every year when I go to see him, I have had un-answered questions especially related to my business and Choice’s business progress. All of you know my life was more on the thorny side and there was nothing exciting I could convey to him. However, this year I am very confident that he will be happy because he knows what I have done and what Choice has accomplished.

To me the past one year has been one of my most successful years, bringing a lot more maturity into my life and a sense of accomplishment. My business grew multiple fold, profits soared, problems settled – thank God it happened!! I had always longed for that day when my company would finally become debt free. Free from those debts which I feared, free from those creditors whom I had to face with courage and conviction. I have been able to put all this behind because I was so consistent and persistent in attacking the problems I was surrounded with. Even though I had every one stand by me, it was not that comfortable. Even though my bankers were quite considerate they never had a feeling of comfort and they used to bring up painful points in different departments of our financial parameters. Every lender looks at ratios. Loans are linked to ratios and are capital driven. For so many years I had been working towards that day when I would at last be financially free. Friends, I have achieved this. I am sharing this with you because I just want to convey something to you this day. Everything is possible as long as we stay committed and focused without falling into the traps that our doubts and fears create for us.

Today is the day when I make new resolutions and I have done so. You may like to know what my resolutions are for this coming year. Besides continuing to enjoy the power of financial freedom, I would like to take a different view of my business. To start the process of empowering my senior employees and monitoring their process of delegation down the line, I would like to bring in more compliance, plugging every hole if there are any by bringing in control systems and thereby securing my ship, “CHOICE” to weather any unexpected storm.

I have seen the aftermath of the unexpected storms that have hit me many times and that fear factor hovers over me. Here I am working on consolidating my organization and making it run professionally by my people in whom I am going to repose a lot of trust and confidence. After some stage in your business life, the word “consolidation” becomes the language. The word “growth” is another aspect of business. My intention is to grow this organization and take it to a level where I should be able to contribute more to the society and to the country I live in. I am certainly going to work towards bringing in new initiatives to change the life style of my employees and lift their aspirations as well. There are many people – probably close to 900 who work in Choice Group and who may not be happy with what they are making today because that is the situation they are in and they are called the working labourers. I would not like to differentiate between people by classifying them as Vice Presidents or workers/labourers. I would like to view all of them alike.

We have faced various international audits in terms of labour compliances and the Act that protects the interest of the labourer. However, I feel it is not enough. I know the living conditions and what it costs to raise a family today. I am fully conscious of this and as I go into celebrating “Choice Day” along with my employees, this is a new commitment that I make to myself: the betterment of the so called under privileged of my organization (where some organizations treat them as workers).

As my company starts to generate higher profits which I expect to maintain, it shall be my endeavour and desire to work with the under privileged and show them a life style that would be close to many of the white collar and blue collar work force in this country. I don’t think any Government gives the labour class concessions on food, medicine and education. Everyone pays the same, be it the rich or the poor. At times I wonder how some of the poor make a living with the paltry wages Choice pays them. You may wonder why I did not take this initiative in the past. It is only because I could not afford it. Today, when I have this opportunity I am going to do it because I want to see a total upliftment of the Choice family, of my employees that consist close to 1300 in number, to see their families and their children grow up and improve their life style where Choice shall be the catalyst for their future.

As a conclusion, I would like to thank all my gurus, the people who have trained me in various subjects, my ex-employees, my present employees and my parents for all the support and blessings they have showered on me in bringing dramatic changes to Choice. A change I anticipated – a change that I was dreaming of – “It happened”.
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 Jacob Jose Kattikaran says:
Happy birthday Sir! Wish you an awesome year ahead!
 Rakhu says:
inspiring. may 2013 july 13th be more beatuful.
 Pearl Prakash says:
As an ex-employee - thank you ! It gives me immense pleasure to see you in such an upbeat mood . I have seen the maniacal way you have kept on working all these years - even when your world was crumbling around you . And now , I am happy to know that IT HAPPENED . God Bless you.
I jst love to read ur blogs,let me wish u a very happy birthday n congratulate u for your achievements,my best wishes to you n CHOICE
 smrao says:
A great inspiring article and we all wish you happy birthday. May god help you to achieve sucess in your birthday resolution
Dear JT, Its nice to know the testing times are over and you are back on rails. I remember reading about you way back in late 80s when you told a Newspaper that you want to be the South Indian TATA. It is that statement which prompted me to initiate my entry into Choice. After so many years, I am glad to know you are back on your feet. Congratulations and god bless. Sujil
 Manoj G. Kochikkaran says:
Congratulations JT on your feeling of achievement; one’s feeling matters in how they will contribute to each moment of life. When the lion feeds, there is always plenty for the other creatures around him. I sincerely wish that you see the best for your efforts and may your good intentions succeed. I smell IPO... :) Good luck.
Hi JT, Its always a pleasure reading your blog and this new edition has touched me a lot. "What comes from the people goes back to the people." A great thought by a great man..JRD TATA... This one thought has done wonders for TATAs and they are known for their magnanimity and for their contributions to the society. Choice Group indeed is doing a great thing through their School and have also come to know that Choice foundation is sponsoring some under privileged kids. Kudos to you. But you need to a lot more. CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility is a Big thing these days in all organizations. Its an independent department under HR headed by a separate person. Choice group should also do it..Looking forward to hear such great news from Choice. But your thought is also great..Charity begins at Home..Until you have happy employees nothing is going to work.... Wish you all the very best for taking Choice to greater heights
 Lillian Chow says:
So glad to see this place where you have arrived. The company will continue to grow and thrive because of it. Remember that real leaders create leaders. Happy Birthday!
 Issac Sunny says:
Just read you Blog, JT. Very aspiring & Motivating. Its a far better learning to read your blog than reading many marketing books. After working under you in a division of Choice Group for sometime, i jointed at TOI. A major difference i found between these is the decision making process. Choice Group's decision is very spontaneous and quick. At times i was baffled to see the way you make decision. But after going through your blogs, i shall say its that quick and courageous decisions that have taken you to this level. I should thank you for the opportunity to experience that side of management level. And also wishing you a belated Happy B'day!! May you live many more happy & Prosperous years & Choice Group continue its success! God Bless!
 Francis Thannikode says:
Hai Jose, Happy to note your visions have come true. I like you very much and I was looking on you how you move forward in the life. Now I see your deep happy moments - It happened. Definitely wish you the best in the years to come. Long live, my dear friend. I may not be very familiar to you, but I noticed you from various angles of the life. Once again all the best wishes.
 Rekha Sreejith says:
God bless you Sir, to serve the society the way you wanted.
 Shiju Jinna says:
My Prayers for the Initiative and all the best :)
 Anil Nair says:
hapend to go thru ur post yesterday while u were in airport and now thru ur blog.feeling so great (may b bcoz im an HR guy) in going through ur lines.,especialy on the comitment to ur employees..all the best sir.
 Rose says:
it is really good to remember the past and improve the present to reach the better future. T hats why you are a great personality. But that does not mean, you have made a place for yourself in Heaven, have you ever wonder...where will you go after your physical body gives up, being faithful to you. May be you know this, yet i thought i must say this in case you forget, due to your busy schedules. There is Someone, watching over you with all His Love. Trying to tell you this: You have loved Righteousness and hated wickedness: therefore the Living God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the Oil of Joy. Now, do not forget to give God, His time with all you heart and mind. Believe in the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, so that you and your household, and all your people will be saved.
 sameer says:
Nice sir
 Linden says:
just wanna thank you guys for giving my son such a fanitstac time this weekend at butlins.We were wandering if you were gonna be coming to Skegness?Minehead is quite a long way for us from Leicester, but this weekend was soooooo worth it.Will you be touring anywhere near Leicester also?We would love to see all you guys again .Thanks again Charliene and Caylon (age 5 )