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Thursday 16th August, 2012



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Dear Friends,

Many times in my previous communications I have stated that I am am very committed to writing my blog. Ever since I started writing my blog, I have been sharing my experiences and my thoughts twice a month .

Right now I am in New York, preparing to fly back to India after a stay of almost 30 days. Unlike on previous occasions when I used to normally start thinking of what to write about in my blog either on the previous day or on the same day, I have now been finding myself, for the past week or so, contemplating on what to write about in my next blog. An inner voice within urges me to write about something that's very compelling to me; a topic that Iíve always wanted to write about: God. This blog needs attention because my conscience, my mind and my inner feeling should be in perfect harmony and alignment. Unfortunately, I am unable to be in that right mental frame, considering that I am in transit.

This is something that needs considerable amount of time and attention. Even though I have the message within me and I know what I should write about, I shall do so on the 26th of this month- believing that God will permit.

I hope my readers will understand this and bear with me.

Watch out for my next story on the 26th of August 2012.

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 Rohit Chohan says:
Hi JT, Still eagerly waiting for your blog. Looks like you went little busy. Regards, Rohit