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Wednesday 29th August, 2012



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In my previous blog I mentioned that I would be writing about something special and that it would be about God. Most of you would have expected a preachy sermon. No, it is not so. Please read this blog from a creative perspective.

I dream and think a lot, often analysing life as a whole and my own life in particular. I have, on various occasions, mentioned that I do not have a boss. I am not answerable to anyone nor do I report to anyone, I do not have shareholders or a Board of Directors as, you all know that The Choice Group is a closely held company. Even my parents have left this world, leaving me with no one to carry my achievements to. We all need recognition, someone to say, “Hey, you did a good job!”

My mind sometimes wanders. I sometimes wonder who will assess me? Who is my boss? Is it God? .... My journey so far, after traversing 39 years of business and a host of other philanthropic activities will come to an end one day. I too will have to leave this world and make my journey to the other. I often wonder what it will be like.

And on one of those journeys of my mind I was standing at the Pearly Gates. I was fully pepped to meet my Creator, to see life on the other side and most importantly to hear his review on my performance of living this life. I couldn’t wait to see if he’d give me a pat on my shoulder on a life well lived and admit me into heaven.

With great hopes I joined the endless queue outside the Pearly Gates. A long line of people who like me, had aspirations of gaining entry into heaven for all the good we had done in our lifetime. I thought back to my good deeds, the employment I have created, of being generous, friendly, considerate, forgiving, paying my taxes and so on. By my own evaluation, I was certain I deserved admission in heaven. I knew that God is very forgiving and will pardon any of my faults and failings.

Standing in the queue, I watched God’s representatives, his angels, guiding people in forming different streams. I began to ponder about God. He must be so busy, with millions of people praying to him for a host of things; cures for diseases, for happiness, for their families, to tide over financial difficulties, etc. “Will God’s busy schedule have an impact on my case” I wondered. Will I be misunderstood to be someone else and not JT? These thoughts coursed through my mind when an angel asked me to step aside. And suddenly, I see Him, my God, and... there was no smile on his face.

He turned his stern gaze at me and said “You... are you that Jose?” and I replied “Yes my Lord!” He didn’t look happy at all. He said “I am not letting you in. You will have to stay in a department that is neither heaven nor hell. It is called purgatory.”

I thought to myself, “What is going on here?" I had to respect God but at the same time I remembered some of my employees who came to me for their review, after having done a great job and asking me, “JT, why aren’t you acknowledging the great job I did?” Could I behave like that to my God? No way! I was very polite and asked him, “Why aren’t you admitting me into heaven, especially when you know the good things I’ve done whilst on earth?”

However, he did not seem to pay attention to what I said. He was busy attending to other things. I saw Him receiving other people with a smile on his face and admitting them into heaven. I knew some of those people; few were from my own country and whom I thought did not deserve to enter heaven. I thought to myself, “Is there some disparity or discrimination?” My instinct told me that I should confront God, and negotiate with him.

I mustered courage, approached God and said, “ Lord, I need an opportunity to talk to you.” He slowly glanced at me and said “What is it that you want to tell me?” “Lord, you called me Jose. Do you know how many millions of Jose’s there are? Do you recognise me? The Jose whom people used to call ‘JT’?”

At this point, I saw hesitation in His eyes, he seemed intrigued. "Tell me more", He said. I then went on explaining about my life. I was able to cover every detail from the minute I was born till my last breath. Everything came back to me like a flash. I was able to explain my story in free flow without hesitation. I explained how I believe I had made mistakes in my time on earth, but I was able to counter it by talking about my passion for living and working hard to compensate for my mistakes and beyond. It felt like I was giving my best business presentation yet! I believe I had saved my best pitch for last... And that too before the throne of heaven, convincing God that he had to let me in!

After hearing me out, God, seeming amused, smiled and said, “Ah, yes, JT! You all look alike when you get here. But I know you well, my son. I have watched over you carefully over the years, and I'm happy to have you back. Please come and enter into heaven.”

Friends, even though I have narrated a figment of my imagination, what I am trying to convey through this blog is that we have to lead our lives with accountability. We are accountable for our actions. We will face this negotiation day and we have to be prepared to give answers.

Be loving, forgiving, just and considerate in everything.

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 Thomas Kuruvilla says:
God bless you.excellent fervour for god. Few comments.1. God is forgiving but it's to be obtained before going there. After death only judgement. We can't argue with god. Books will be opened, ......2. God will recognise you even million joses are ther as he knew you before you were formed. 3 god will never be intrigued .4. No one is righteous,all have sinned. Only His blood saves us.
 Bobby says:
Dear JT, Love to read your blog,yes i truly agree with your thinking about the almighty power and presence of his into our life and our every acts account in this earth will be written in his book Wonderfully& creatively you had put to all your readers,May God bless you with your good work.
 Thomas says:
How God Views the Self-Directed Man Read | Luke 12:16-21 We've all heard jokes about men who refuse to stop and ask for directions. But in reality, there's probably a good bit of truth to the stereotype, and it isn't limited to males. Plenty of men and women in this world zoom along without slowing down to ask for guidance. If you were to look at the situation from a spiritual perspective, you'd see a world of lost souls desperately trying to save themselves. They think they can earn their way into heaven through hard work and the accumulation of good deeds. But they're wrong. Today's passage from Luke describes a wealthy person who makes a lot of plans based only on his own thoughts, desires, and experience. Take the time to look at the passage again, and notice how many times he used the words "I" and "my." What you'll see is that his focus was squarely on himself. This parable is a sad picture of the self-directed man trying to make his own way and secure his own future with no help from anyone--including God. The Lord didn't mince words: He called the man "fool" (v. 20). Worldly wisdom amounts to nothing in the eyes of our omniscient, all-wise Father (1 Cor. 1:20), and He expects His children to request and follow His guidance. The message for us today is clear: When we figure out our own plans and take action with no thought about what God would advise, we are behaving like fools. The Lord has a plan for your life. He knows where you'll succeed and where you'll fail. Be wise and ask Him for directions.
 Dr.Harimohan says:
Mr Jose u seem to be the penultimate businessman to negotiate with God ! But his getting confused over you is a bit narcisstic .but I do believe it is good to love oneself . So best wishes u will surely make the purgatory
 David P says:
What passion JT. This is one of your best pieces of writing yet. Please keep it going and try to increase the frequency.
 Siby Alex says:
Your blog is well written. Keep It Going.
 sajjad rahman says:
mr.JT Your blog is well written i like your blog. keep it
 Giri Balan says:
Sorry for the people who take this so seriously. come on guys! its only a DREAM! an IMAGINATION! take the good things out of this blog! the minute anybody says anything remotely about god, people get sooo jumpy! man, i tell you. Keep up the good work JT.
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 Capt.S.Naphade says:
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 jake says:
If there is a god (most physicists would be hesitant to assert there is due to the lack of evidence for one), someone who will judge us based on the lives we lead. I highly doubt he will let you into "heaven" for paying taxes to a country that should be held accountable for war crimes and the mass slaughter of millions of lives all around the world. Thats a though one to "negotiate" your way out of.
 bindu sathyajith says:
Dear JT We all are accountable to each gesture we make and do . god wont give us a chance to recognize and narrate out whole life to him . Almighty is seeing us every second what we are doing there is no point in narrating god about us . before doing we should be accountable and should always remember he is watching usssss always and everywhere . good to see you writing god bless you .......
 ashleigh says:
Awesome post.