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Saturday 26th January, 2013



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I have always believed in synchronizing my gut feeling with what to do next. I have lived a life that is long enough for me to share my experiences.

Toward the middle of 2012, I started to think of where I am headed. From the age of 16, after almost 40 years of struggle, I have reached where I am today. I have enjoyed facing problems and have always rejoiced when I cross each hurdle. But you know friends, this is no fun. It is easy to talk about one’s failures and the way to get out of it and so on. But I think it will take a toll on ones emotional and physical state of mind. People think I am strong probably because of some genetic wiring but I don’t think so. I have always had the desire to do things differently from others and every time things worked out in my favour, I really enjoyed those moments.

Dear friends, I have not written earlier about my entire journey of 40 years of business life and if I did, some of you would not believe what I have faced and gone through. But I too started to feel that it is getting monotonous following the same old routine day after day with meetings, extensive travel, planning, fire fighting and so on. Of course, I have travelled the world but began to realize that I have not even seen the Taj Mahal in India, one of the Seven Wonders of the World nor have I seen the Statue of Liberty even though I can see it from my bedroom in Jersey City. My travel has been purely limited to airports, airplanes, hotels, meetings and back. Probably my family has been responsible for this because I am always in a rush to return home and share what I have achieved after each trip. Now I feel that I need to see and experience the world more.

People say I am very candid when I write. Why not? I have nothing to hide. I have written about the days when I have had issues even of up to a $1000 or Rs.50, 000/-. But today as I write this blog, I feel good because I have achieved the biggest ambition of my life. I have taken my company ‘Choice’ to a ‘debt free’ situation. No one likes debts but at the same time, let me tell you that without debts, you are not challenged. But I didn’t want this debt challenge to hover over me all my life and hence decided to work harder to come to this point. This gives me the feel of having executed my responsibility, beyond my expectation. I have also put the correct checks and balances in place to ensure my company does not go into any type of relapse.

The fear of losing, the fear of debt and to some extent, the desire to earn has slightly started to diminish in me and I have begun to dream new dreams, new horizons….. Few thoughts came into my mind and I began to prepare accordingly; gearing my organization to run without depending on me, which in other words is simply known as delegation. I have started to condition all my senior employees, right from the Principal of Choice School to handle things on their own, make decisions (right or wrong) and this process has been going on for the past couple of years. People termed it as “JT retiring” and when someone asked me, I never denied it. This is not retirement. I call it an opportunity for the next generation. I have been conducting an orchestra for the past 40 years and I think I have gained enough experience to prepare my team to execute their responsibilities independently and here they are, living up to my expectations.

With fewer meetings, fewer e-mails and fewer questions I realize I am getting there. I have seen some people, especially the older generation (mostly fathers) who have built up wealth and fame during their time, being fearful to delegate to their children. I believe this is wrong and would categorize this situation as the fear of losing power. I personally believe we are all in this world to execute, deliver and live. I have done the first two and I still have a long time to be around and hence started to pursue new avenues.

The country I live in, India needs change, needs better leaders, needs to get away from coalition politics, needs a better educational system and lots more. So I thought to myself “Why don’t I offer my services to one of the political parties to serve the nation. This is option one. Option two is, I want to work in an organization as an employee preferably as a teacher. So I have started to apply for jobs to major universities and colleges. I am very confident if either of my wish comes true, I will be able to bring my experience to the table. Imagine me being the Mayor of Cochin. I will make sure I bring in all my life’s experience to make Cochin, the city I live in, as a model city in Asia. It is all a matter of having the desire to do something with honesty and integrity. If I come into this stream, I am sure I will be able to convince the people that I am entering a different phase of life not with the intention of making money but with the intention of serving the nation. If this does not happen, I imagine myself as a teacher who teaches his students without having to look at the text books being drafted by somebody else. I will take my students on a journey through 40 years of experience, which, I believe, is going to be very useful. So here I am, slowly taking a back seat from my day to day routine and business life and transforming into a mentor with new desires – wanting to be either a politician or a teacher, what a contrast! To be both, the effect is the same. Unfortunately politicians are viewed as people who are power hungry and corrupt. Even though I don’t fully agree with this, this is what people perceive. If I come into that life, I have enough of clarity and credibility to convince the people of my true and sincere intentions.

As I mentioned, this country needs to change. The 400 million youth in this nation, who have a brand new imagination related to new thinking, new technology and new hopes, need to be driven and directed. It is high time that our mature politicians realize this and take corrective action. I am so proud to see the latest step the Congress took in elevating the young and vibrant Rahul Gandhi. I believe he is the one to lead the nation, fulfilling the aspiration of millions.

I hope I would be lucky enough to have someone read this blog and find out that they have an available candidate in me either to become a politician or a teacher. I don’t want to be a doctor, nor an engineer, or pilot or actor because there are excellent people in these fields. However what we lack today is good governance and education system and this is what I want to focus on and be a part of.

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 Girish Kumar says:
Do hope your new 'ambition' comes to fruition soon. Best wishes!
 Varghesekutty Joseph says:
 Mayur Sud says:
Very nice initiative sir, its revolution that is required, most of us talk of it, but you are making a begining, all the best sir. God Bless. Best Regards Mayur
I am basically a Mechanical and Marine Engineer. I have varied experience as Contractor, Mechanical Engineer, Marine Engineer, Data Base Administrator in a Drilling company In U.A.E. I had been active in politics while I was a student in NIT, Calicut. I have certain dreams about youths role in the transformation of current political scenario in India. But my ardent passion in life is to become a good teacher and do something for the youths. Right now I have started an Education center near my home town, training students to help their studies from 1st standard to 12th standard. This happened just 4 months ago. I want to fulfill my dream about quality education. This is my passion and I enjoy working on it.
 ranjit abraham says:
i have told this two years before you are the right person for cochin we are with you i am far in shanghai we can share our thoughts to make our cochin to be next central of the world cochin were East meets the West
 John says:
Very interesting thoughts... Though, I don't understand why coalition politics has to go. Good Luck !! :)
Dear joes, Your inspirations and thoughts are basically been evolved from the love for your country and to your countrymen. GOOD. Keep it up.
 roopa george says:
we are very blessed as choice school parents to have such a dynamic and visionary person at the helm, who considers serving the nation and the people as the priority, after delegating the authority, i am sure someone will defnitly read this blog and offer u a seat in the next election. All the very best, god bless u to do wonders for cochin.
 roopa george says:
We are very blessed to have such a dynamic thinking person at the helm of choice school, i am sure someone will read this blog and offer u a seat in the next election, all the very best,god bless u a lot, in helping u to do wonders for cochin
 roopa george says:
 roopa george says:
You must become a poltician,because the country needs effective and dynamic thinking people like u, who can influence govt decisions and policies.
 ss sunil says:
Today,s session it was really a just just transformed the people mindset,there was lot of positive energy being felt in the sb college chaganassery.i want you to be my mentor.thank you