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Friday 26th April, 2013



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It’s been a long time since I had a chance to sit down and write something as I got caught in a mad rush. Just got busy. Guess you must be wondering why I am so busy. The urge to grow keeps pounding me and I have been on a wild chase looking for new opportunities. While routine work started to bore me a bit, I started to think of newer ideas and, I knew unless and until I stepped out of the routine schedule, I wouldn’t be able to divert my attention to reaching new horizons. With this in mind, I started to look around for people who could replace me. Dear friends, all of you should understand that running an organization to my level of expectation and precision is not easy. In today’s changing world the biggest challenge many of us face is talent and that too people with commitment. Today I run very sensitive businesses from production of frozen food to an educational institute. To run these businesses right we need the right people. When I was trying to draw myself out of the daily routine, I said to myself “I need to find the right people who are hungry enough like me and who believe in making it big”. Accordingly I found a replacement for me, an Argentinean American, someone I knew for many years who could take control of my frozen food operation in India. I made him the CEO. I found a replacement for me in Choice U.S too who has been made the CEO who would take care of the entire operations and business in the U.S.

Having done all this, I was thinking parallel of what to do next. I need to stay active and bring in new stories to my organization, my family and my community. People even ask me why I am not re-visiting my airline dream. My answer was “no” because the situation didn’t seem very conducive due to high fuel costs and operational issues. One day I looked at the globe and started to think of where I had less presence or no presence at all. From the age of seventeen I have been travelling to the Far East mainly Japan and I have transited Singapore during various trips. My mind started drawing myself towards Asia where China is the leader representing the world’s second largest economy. Funny enough I have never visited China even though we have done few business deals, mostly importing Chinese goods.

The desire to grow big has always been my driving force and towards the fourth quarter of 2012, I made a decision that Choice must have a presence in Asia. By presence, I mean, a daily presence by starting an organization. I also said to myself, having stepped out of the daily routine of having to run the frozen food division and Choice U.S., I dreamt of making Choice Group a billion dollar company by 2018 – a big dream! I knew a dream alone was not enough. I would have to work hard towards it, find new markets, new products and new customers. So the Asia dream started to interest me more and more.

I am writing this story from Singapore, the hub of Asia, a vibrant small little economy which provides tremendous opportunities from talented workers to financial centers and so on. I decided to open an office in Singapore, with a dream of developing the Asia region and I decided to take this task upon myself of heading Choice Asia.

Even though I have been to Singapore many times I felt like a tourist or visitor and had no other feeling. But as my flight touched down at Singapore airport today and as I put my foot out I knew I was here for a reason. To do something very specific, “Build Choice Asia”. My team had gone well in advance to locate the office space, the first employee and a little rented apartment for me to live in. I visited the small little office and was very impressed with the location. I met the first employee, a Malaysian Indian in whom I found a lot of energy as well. I felt like everything was falling in place.

My employee handed me a sim card and said “This is your Singapore sim card”. I loaded my phone and was wondering whom I should call first. I called my oldest daughter, who lives in New York; who is on her way to becoming a mother, making way for the 4th generation to join the team. I called her up and said “I have just landed in Singapore and this is my contact no. Dad is all set for a new beginning." I am here with a pencil and white paper, not knowing what to write on it. I told her my dream is to convert this single piece of paper into part of a book of history that I would leave behind in making Choice Asia the largest dream I have accomplished so far.

Friends, hopefully I will have all your support and prayers in making this dream a reality.

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 nithindas m says:
Respected Sir, All the very best. We are also wating for the day choice is becoming a bellion doller company.Proud to be in choice Family. God's blessings for the dreams come true ..
 Joseph N George says:
IT will be the next big step. Ur thought and way of doing business are inspiration for beginners Thanks
 Harikumar V.R. says:
All the very best..!!
 shamini says:
An amazing fully energized human. wishes J T
 suraj Chellappan says:
All the best sir.
 Antony Joseph says:
Mr. Jose Thomas, You have been tested in your life with major business failures. But You did not allow those tests of life, to make you BITTER, but you became more BETTER than before. You did not allow the problems to BREAK you,instead you converted them to BRICKS to build your castle of success. Your ‘CHOICE’ was to not to be VICTIM to problems, but to be VICTOR over problems and failures .Therefore ,CHOICE ASIA will DEFINITELY be another golden feather in your crown. All the very best .
 VICTOR says:
JT, What a beautiful blog this month and amazing goals for all of us. Let's go for the billion and more! Thank you!
 Mathew Mampra says:
I have just arrived in Singapore too by a cruise,on the same day,but as a tourist with my family. Keep writing the developments.Shall follow you
 anju says:
Sir, may your dreams come true!!! God Bless!
Dear Sir, Its a pleasure to read your blogs and futuristic ideas.May Jesus bless you to full fill your dreams.Prior to this we have a project in fashion industry in a designer label which is originated from kochi and make leaps n' bounds all over the world such as luciano benettons group italy.Our designer is Hari anand who has prove his talent all over India since last 2 decades.We are looking for a full line up incl.Mens n' womens apparels with innovative textures and unmatchable finishing and presentation.If you are interested in Fashion industry please let me know.I'm a marine logistics guy who is ready divert my career in to fashion as im an avid lover of fashion since last 3 decades. Best regards/Degas antony,cochin f/b:degas cochin
 rajendra menon says:
best wishes, Jose Thomas. A good write up, very inspiring. It looks so easy concealing the hard work and passion which is the key to your success. Recently I became a grandfather, very exciting and nice to know you are on your way to become one.
 Joboy Kuriakose says:
Hi, hope your remember me. I met you two seeks back at your office on a fine evening, when you were tired after your day's yet unfinished busy schedule, though the sun was set to rest. All the very best and may your dream come true. I had told you that day about a small activity that I am engaged in and now I am all set to travel to UAE to start the same activity there too.
 Gaurav rawat says:
All the very best for ur new starter..
 xavier says:
hai, jt sir i have red your blog right now and i am so happy to see you back in the blog. a good article which gives confidence and motivation to use the oppurtunity properly and succeed in life. happy to hear your new beginning in singapore. as you mentioned, prayers are with you, best wishes.
 manoj kumar says:
ti read it .nd become very happy to know ur thought.
 Deepak says:
very inspiring... from now on I will work more harder nd smarter....
 guru basavaraj says:
Dear sir, first of all i wish you a very good luck and all success in making your billion dollor dream come true. sir i just impressed by your words and the energy which is there in your words. i just kept dreaming of such dreams but dont have any idea about how should i start that? or from where should i start? etc qustions will be spinning around my head. so i just leave those ideas as it is. but by reading your blog today i inspired a lot and i will try my best to make my dreams to come alive. thank you
 Aneesh kumar M says:
In life any body can come a turning point that turning you must win
 Syed Ehtesham Husain says:
ALL THE BEST MAY GOD FULFILL ALL YOUR DREAM I have a small company , Dar Al Amana Foodstuff Trading in Dubai
 Vaisakh Krishnadas says:
you are a great inspiration and role models to the young malayalee population all over the world. Your eye of the "special" and quality will sure bring you success where ever you go. All the best.
 Ipe peter says:
Dear JT, I am really thankful to you for giving an opportunity to be part of Choice Asia. We pray Almighty that Choice Asia will become the largest entity of Choice Group under your able leadership. Wish you Good Luck and all the best. Ipe
Hello JT, All The Best, May the God bless you with your Dreams become True and success. Good luck and take care. Kind Regards, __________ Bitta kuruvilla Executive Chef, ms Zuiderdam Holland America Line 300 Elliott Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119 phone33010,74350. mobile;91 9895182526 EMAIL:
 Prasad says:
U have done it thinking jst finishing touch is there..gud luck..
 jayakumar says:
Wish you all success in the new endeavour. Blog is very inspiring and thank you for sharing. God Bless You. Jayakumar V Nair
 Commodore(Retd) G.Ramachandran says:
Jose,I liked your blog and I am sure you will make Choice Asia a reality.My personal feeling is that,you are in the right direction and it is a matter of time that we see this project flourishes. God Bless. Lakshmi & Unni.
 Sam Mathew says:
Dear Sir JT, My name is Sam Mathew and I am a student of The Choice school. And i too dream big like you. But dreaming big without having the power, authority and potential to accomplish it is useless. My dreams are use less. But not yours. You have what it takes to make your dream a reality.I pray that the Choice becomes a million dollar company before 2018 and I hope you don't end your dreams with that.Your dreams help a thousand other people, so don't stop dreaming.............
 Jose.P.L says:
Good Luck & Best Wishes for your fresh dream. Singapore & Japan will be new lessons for any Indian. I am sure an entrepreneur like you will never have a retirement. Let your dreams come true. Jose.P.L, Ernakulam
 Subramanian says:
JT: Your dream of CHOICE ASIA will sure to become reality with all the highest energy and commitment you not only possess but also send the waves down the line to all of us. Our support and prayers are always with you Cheers!!!
 Padmakumar says:
Sir , It is fascinating to watch your innovations.. Wish you achieve the best in Singapore. Warm Rgds.
 Padmakumar says:
Sir , It is fascinating to watch your innovations.. Wish you achieve the best in Singapore. Warm Rgds.
 Vinu Peter says:
Sir This is such a wonderful read and i am thoroughly impressed. Me,like every Choicean, will always be there with prayers and support you have always wished for. I have heard a lot about you from my Dad - the way you work, your achievements and most of all, the sharp and tough person you are. Not sure if you remember but I have even met you once at Mana along with my Dad. And when I got to know about this opportunity from Manoj last November, I went back to my Dad and discussed. Honestly, he was skeptical about it because he knew it was difficult to impress you, considering the pace at which you progressed. He gave me both sides of the coin and I chose this. I have always wanted to grow real fast and i was very particular about the career I chose. I am not sure if you know - but I was a Software Engineer with Infosys deputed in the United States. I left the job, did two Master degrees at Australia, and took up HR because I realized this is what I am. Today, I am honored to be here with Choice - to learn and grow along with you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having given me this wonderful opportunity. The learning I foresee here is BIG and I am thoroughly enjoying it. These words come from the bottom of my heart. I do look forward to a wonderful career with Choice. I want to learn every aspect of the Choice World you are building. With prayers and lot of respect Vinu Peter
 Joseph Ninan says:
I salute your vision & urge to grow big. My best wishes...
 G.Thomas says:
 mohd bari says:
I too dreamt of something lyk this n I want to become a billionare n I'll achive it
 Ninu Sreedhar says:
JT, dam impressed and inspring articile.. After long time I am logging into net due to dad's illiness.. I was loosing hope when I was thinking of my future... But Sir, your article inspiried me to foucs on my dream.. I wish you all the best wishes to achieve your "A BILLION DOLLAR DREAM".. Proud to be a part of Choice Family :) :)
 Thomas R.T says:
You blew this blog out of the water. Very well written. So proud of you.
 Renju Paul says:
Stellar blog and writing! I see humbleness in you Mr. Jose Thomas.
You can do it.May god bless u.Wish u good luck and all success in your way.One day you will achieve your dream.
 Samuel mathew says:
You are an inspiration to me and my family. Thank you so much for spending the time to write to us and for doing all the things that you do. Wish you nothing but the best.
 cj says:
Hi there, I enjoy reaing all of your post.
 Kassie says:
It's hard to find educated people for this topic, but you seem like you know what you're talking about! Great article. Thanks