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Sunday 26th May, 2013



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Dear Friends,


For the past close to four weeks I have been travelling extensively and right now I am writing this story from New York. Of late I feel very excited and energized about growth. The word “growth” is haunting me continuously and I feel triggered. I have become busier and have very limited time for even family and bit of fun. However I am enjoying every bit of it. Even though I have worked hard during my entire life, today I am able to differentiate the difference between working hard through the process of struggle and working hard to fulfill a passion.

If you go back to my life story you will see that I have passed through various financial challenges and issues that no one even would believe. It was a struggle. I had to simply work hard to overcome challenges and it wasn’t easy. I am sure some of you would be going through the same situation as I did. When I look back into the past, I feel so great because even some of the stupid things that I did to resolve some of the crisis is helping me a lot today and that is where I see the change.

Fortunately due to my hard work I was able to bring my organization to where it is today. I have set new goals of making my organization big and taking it public. Today it is not all about money because for the life style I live I think I have enough. Thank God for that!! Instead it is the drive to implement a vision, a dream of taking Choice to a different plane. Global presence is what I believe is the order of the day.

Look at Hyundai Automobiles. The Korean conglomerate could have stuck to manufacturing cars in Korea and marketed it in their own country and rest of Asia, but whereas look what they did. They started a factory in India in the mid 90’s when the Indian government was not welcoming foreign investments and that too in the automobile industry. Look at the vision. It’s the same as mine. I am born in India, did business in India but I think what has helped me is my entry into the U.S. market in the mid 80’s. It helped me in various ways and the no.1 attribute I would give is for the exposure I got. Now as I continue, my goal is to be in the same style and expand globally. One many not believe that I have never done business in the Middle East nor have I visited China yet. Funny, isn’t it? But I knew I had to wait for the right time to explore these markets. I think the global economy is going to improve starting with the U.S. I am seeing the financial health of the U.S. getting better day by day. Japan, the 2nd largest economy in the world getting out of depression and creating a new Japan. It is all “people” who make this. The Japanese economy was badly hurt with the strengthening of the yen. Japanese exports suffered but see the correction that was made. Same is the case with Dubai. Dubai went into financial crisis but I see it re-awakening. Chinese economy is also becoming more of a consuming economy of late and I am sure all these markets have some appetite to receive me and my ideas. Soon the group will explore the Middle East and China besides the Asia market using our newly opened office in Singapore and soon to be established office in Dubai. You must be thinking why I am writing all this. While I am trying to share my inner desires to my readers, I am also providing some kind of energisation to say “it is possible” .One has to believe in the word “possible” and not believe in “I will try”.

Good luck friends. I hope I will be able to share more progress as I move forward.


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 Andrew says:
I can deeply sense that there is no word 'Impossible' in your dictionary and me too believes the same and this blog inspires me a lot.