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Friday 28th June, 2013



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Dear Friends,

The last few days have just been hectic for me, I’ve been virtually living on a plane and between airports.  All of you know that I have established my new dream of setting up my organization in Singapore. When I opened the office I didn’t have any clear idea of what I was supposed to do or what I was planning to do.

As I write this blog, I can tell you that I have started exploring. Making a dream and making a plan is all good, but chasing the dream is what is important.  Some people have dreams but don’t go through with chasing them and this is where I have always felt the difference.  In the last five days I have covered almost six countries in Asia.  Now you must be wondering whether I am chasing wealth and money.  Friends, not really!  After a stage in life, you start chasing a dream and I have talked about this many a time.  I think it is wrong to relate success with money.  I think success is the good feeling one gets after having accomplished your dream and success will automatically follow.  So this is exactly what I am doing.

I am writing this story sitting in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.  I am with a few friends of mine who have been such great company. One of whom is Mr. Lee who works here.  He is from Korea and has been living here for the last three years.  He took care of me and showed me around. I was able to learn the demographics of Vietnam and the history of Vietnam. I even bought a book to learn more about this country.  I read about the 2nd World War and the challenges this country went through during the war in the 70’s, very interesting indeed.  I see a lot of opportunities here. Vietnam has a population of 90 million and 60 per cent of the total population is under the age group of 30.  A very desirous society, a very vibrant economy.  They have come out of the social pattern of ruling and governance.  Even though they are not fully democratic, what I see here is activity. People are doing lot of things.  Even the street vendors are very professional.  They are trying to do a good job.  They wear gloves while squeezing orange juice which is served to their customers.  Friends, it’s the little things that make a big difference. It was amazing to see how excited the people were in terms of delivering and this is what I believe in – chasing and delivering your dream and that is exactly what I have been chasing for the past few days.

During this trip, I travelled to Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.  What I gather after this trip is that my organization in Singapore can do a lot of things in Asia.  I am looking at various prospects and opportunities and my dream continues. While in Vietnam, I visited a theatre for performing arts and I was impressed with their traditional programs.  The theatre was full, a lot of people, and an exciting society! This took me to my dream of JTPAC which as most of you know, is our performing arts centre set up with the objective of bringing in quality, live programs to Kochi, India.   Now I have started dreaming and even thinking, ‘why don’t we start the same concept in South East Asia as well?’  It is all a matter of going for it and the mentality to accomplish one’s dream.

I fell ill during this trip with a bad cold and cough, which I guess was due to the extensive travel and little or no rest. I even had to go to the hospital in Bangkok to get some medication.  Thank God I have never had to go to hospitals whilst I travelled overseas earlier. Seeing this hospital was an eye opener to me.  This hospital was easily the best hospital I have ever seen in the world.  I said to myself, “If the Thai's can do it, why can’t everybody else do it?” especially a country like India with a growing population, and more demand for health services.  I think these are all opportunities worth exploring.  As I write this story I am heading back to Singapore with a lot of dreams and information that I collected during the last few days.  I am going back with a bag full of ideas. I will now have to take it piece by piece, study, analyze, and see if there are any risks related or associated with it.  I am going to make a decision to follow my dream and make it a reality with a "go for it" attitude.

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