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Monday 15th July, 2013



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Dear Friends,

Life is all about memories isn’t it? As I write this blog on the 15th of July, the eve of a big day- ‘The Choice Day’, when all at Choice reminisces the past and dreams about the future. It’s been almost 30 years since we began celebrating Choice Day and as I write this, I remember the initial days, when Choice Day was celebrated with about 20 employees; today we have over 1500 employees. I feel immensely blessed for having the opportunity to lead this great organization ‘Choice’. I have gone through many tough situations in the past and what helped me the most were the people who surrounded me, the people who worked for me, some of whom still continue to work for me. I do have some great memories.

As I get a year older today and look back, all I can tell all of is about great memories – both good and bad. Most of them veer towards the bad. However, I still enjoy it.

‘Choice Day’ is a day of celebration. It is more an ‘employee day’ when the whole company gets together, showcases their talents, rub shoulders, makes new friends, catches up with lost friends, ….what an organization! I am extremely proud to lead it. At the same time, as I write this, I remember the great employees who worked for me, who are not in this world today, starting with my favorite, Rajan Joshi, M. C. Tom and Sajan who worked at our back office. I am sure they are celebrating it too, because I know, for sure they loved Choice. So it is all a matter of great memories and making the best of one’s memories. How many of you dream about your memories? I know most of you do, but the trend is that many reminisce the bad ones and try to comfort your own souls to overcome the past. I enjoy memories of the past and of course take cognizance of the good and the bad and use it to make my life happier and better. Isn’t that what all of us should be doing? This is not philosophy, friends. It is reality, life is in our own hands and we can choose the way we live it.

As I conclude, I want to wish the entire Choice Group family the very best and I hope that even after my time, this very same culture and spirit will continue and will be taken forward by the next generation, showcasing the values of integrity, honesty and progressive thinking.

All the best for ‘CHOICE DAY 2013’!
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 xavier francis says:
good one
 sumaja.A.S says:
Dear J.T, Nice to see ur blog. I am an ex Choice Intermodal employe.I feel so proud whenever I say that I am also a product of Choice. I have never come across any other personalities like u, who do so much for the employees. We really miss Coice day cecelebrations. Wishing you and your choice family all the success. Best regards Sumaja.A.S