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Friday 16th August, 2013



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Dear Friends,

I would like to dedicate this blog to the youth all over the world considering the general expectations that everyone has in them. This includes my children as well.

What we see today is sometimes a bit confusing, not knowing where the current generation is headed. With the total dependence now on the internet, I doubt if a growing kid or even an adult is using the God given brain to find out ‘why’ and ‘what’. I personally believe God is the architect of human creation and we all have been very carefully bundled and sent to this world with the required intelligence. Whilst the world is progressing at a faster pace in terms of technology, what you see today is overall deterioration including relationships and the use of God given intelligence. One has to be extremely cautious today in having a conversational argument with a youth because, sometimes you could be wrong or may probably interpret the subject more from an experience angle whereas today’s youth, with a hand held device at hand will immediately come up with either arguments or give you the impression that they don’t need your advice because, for a fact, that hand held device gives them more authentic and complete information.

I am not intending this blog to have anything to do with the human thinking process. All I am saying is that while the internet has helped the world in general, the use of the God given brain is on a downhill trend. As I was writing this blog I asked myself a question. Who is the main architect who conceived the building of the Vatican – great architecture, great history! All this has been created. But I don’t know who the real person behind this great architecture is. But a hand held device would probably take less than 30 seconds to get you the answer. While it is a great invention, my only concern is, “are you putting your brain” on the treadmill or, is the brain only expecting information pulled out from the internet? What I have learnt is, that you challenge the brain, use it to its fullest capacity, train the brain and demand information which will either give you what you need or keep reminding you of the necessity to find an answer to the question which one’s brain could not answer when demanded. I don’t think the internet would ever be able to do this, especially reminding you of pending matters that you may have stored at the back of your brain. I am not anti-technology. In fact, I believe in technology but it has to be used based on the need and applications whereas today, total dependence is shifted from the human brain intelligence to intelligence of the internet – the 3G’s and the 4G’s. I don’t know where the human race is headed. I have my doubts if our children will even remember the telephone numbers of their own parents. Leave alone this, the youth of today, even while having lunch at a Quick Service Restaurant is always engaged reading something off the hand held device they have which is impacting the basic looks of the person and projecting non-emotional body language. On various occasions I have been quite perturbed seeing this and in fact I have gone up to people and said “can we talk?” On top of all this, even when you are travelling in public transport or in an airport, when you wish to build a conversation with somebody, you will see most of the youth having wires all over their body. These wires connected to some device – either watching movies or listening to music or something related to that. There is no opportunity to see a smile or expression of happiness or emotion. All you see is people walking on the street, crossing dangerous junctions with wires in the ears and eyes glued on their hand held device. Leave alone the danger that lies ahead due to this pre-occupation, but the fact that God created us to be perfect human beings, giving us the power of expressing emotion and happiness in one’s eyes, is not what we see today.

Right now, I am writing this story sitting in New York. Every day I go to the city using public transport. The reason for me to take public transport is mainly to learn how people behave, how people react and how people converse. But unfortunately, every time I come back home from a city tour, I have not been able to make even a new acquaintance because nobody wants to talk. They are in their own world with wires around their body.

Friends, don’t you think a change is needed? Don’t you think we need to see a little more emotion in our lives? I even doubt if people would shed tears in a given situation.To top it all, parents provide them with all comforts. You see even kids carrying I-Pads in their hands Wow! I am quite enamored and wonder after our time where the world would be.

The message from this blog is to bring back the concept of God given gifts such as using our brain, interacting with people and loving one another and that too, by expressing it through body language. So whoever has read this blog, be it a parent, grandparent or part of the youth world, what I would like to reiterate that a change is necessary.

I want to wish all Indians and the entire Indian community living in countries all over the world A Happy Independence Day and to remind everyone of our past, including the people who fought for the freedom of our country. Jai Hind!
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 roy louis says:
Yes,I do agree with you. The new gen has stopped reading books. spend too much time on tv and internet.They have become more demanding.They easily get upset when things go wrong. They can not cope with a crisis or emergency.
 ajay b menon says:
what you have said is true people smile today only with motives everyone is trying to grab they wont give and share iam thankful that people like you are aware keep writing
 lucy anto says:
the wheel of progress will turn like the wheel of fortune and it wont be long before we are in square one!!!
 Lalitha Menon says:
Glad to see that not only me others too seem to notice and understand that there is lack of human relations, talking face to face , caring and sharing and challenging one's God given brain and intelligence.....spoke about this in a session today
 Padmakumar says:
Sir, You were voiceing to a greater concern of the time , which may deeper upto our persistence as a social being. No one can avoid screaming while the darkness is looming across the horizon...
 xavier francis says:
sir i am glad to see that people like you are concerned with all these things and i agree totally with you. please talk about this in a channel interview if possible.