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Thursday 26th September, 2013



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Dear Friends,

For those of you who read my blog, you know that my last blog was dedicated to the youth and as I brainstormed on what to write about this month something prompted me to touch upon on the topic of the youth and today’s world yet again.

As we all know, children are the most precious gift God has given us. I know some children and young adults will be reading this blog and I will take no offence even if I get some criticism from them as my intention is for the good of everyone. Anxious parents raise their children with great hopes not just with the intention of depending on them when we retire but to see them blossom into responsible and accountable individuals with bright futures. While I do not wish to generalize what is going on in the world, I do know that in today’s day and age some parents, families and even children are not that happy and perhaps leading a troubled life with various worries and tensions which is impacting today’s family life.

Family life is crucial and we as parents must set responsibilities and a sense of togetherness which will finally lead to a content and happy life . While in the last blog I wrote about total dependence on the internet, this time I want to touch upon an important subject which is “Do our children have value for money?” Are parents teaching them right from wrong? I remember when I was young and going to school my parents didn’t have enough money to pay for my school fees so forget about other necessities such as clothes and books . Because of this, I lead a responsible life fully realizing there is no free money flowing into my pocket to live the lavish life that some of our children do today. Children are children and I don’t think they value the conveniences of life that is being presented on a silver platter by parents; giving them virtually everything, if not more than what they need. What does this mean? These children are losing value for money.

I too have children and I am very proud to write that I have brought them up in the most disciplined and grounded manner but at the same time giving them the affection a parent. I get most of my happiness, when I feel the warmth of their love and affection . Two of my children go to college in Mumbai, a city where money has no value. But dear friends, let me tell you, I have raised them with a tight hand and just enough money to get by. Sometimes they complain that their friends go to parties and spend tons of money but they can’t, and initially my children used to feel left out. But as they get ready to graduate from College this year and prepare for the real world, they are thankful to their parents for what we taught them.

Today’s indulgence for money, things, social acceptance, and so on is not helping the present generation. On top of all this, they are not even trained to live a proper life in spite of being provided with everything and all they do is ask for more. After their parents time will they be able to handle crisis? Does today’s parenting recipe include teaching them how to handle crisis and other situations? No, not at all. I am sure most of you would agree. In addition to all this, we see a new trend especially in the county that I live in, India, where every family used to have some kind of arranged marriage situation. I did too. I married a woman to the liking of my parents and I have no regrets and I believe she does not have any either. Look at what is happening today. Separations and divorce are becoming a fashion. I hear about a lot of young marriages that last for less than a year. What does this all mean? Dear parents and children. Let us teach our children value for money and embed in them that “it is not all about money!”

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