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Wednesday 12th March, 2014



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Dear Friends

Generally I am not in the habit of apologizing or saying sorry, but sometimes “The big can also fall”. If Wall Street can fall, if Lehman brothers can fail, I too can slip on my goals and commitments. I am human as you are. But you may wonder why a person like me faltered in skipping at least four renders of my blog. While I keep high level of efficiency and my professional pride, I must admit that in the last two months, my work overtook my desires. Writing blogs is not only interesting for me but it gives me immense pleasure because I get the feeling that I did touch some hearts. I know I have touched some hearts with almost 40 real life stories that I have written. The last one year has been very challenging for me but interesting. I decided to take the Choice Group to a different portal as related to our office automation and business intelligence management. This took away a lot of time. Dear friends, again, this is not an excuse blog, I am just trying to explain the reason for not having written and also a lesson to be learnt - admittance of failure makes you a better person. I learnt a great lesson. Soon after I completed my ERP implementation in the Choice Group which really opened new horizons in the way we conduct business which definitely resulted in better efficiencies and increased profitability, I decided to plunge into the project I had passionately conceived - The Choice Marina… the vision of an architect, the vision of a dreamer…. A housing project for people who desired a level of quality that never existed before. This is a project designed by my friend John Cetra in New York and executed by Choice. An excellent team headed by my son was instrumental in bringing up this project to speed but unfortunately due to various reasons that you could imagine, the project was behind schedule and we collectively decided to take ownership. While we decided to take ownership, it was also decided that I would take control to provide my several qualities and experience & expertise of executing completion of targets the way I used to in the past. So I decided to plunge in. Last 3 months I did the role of a mason, a helper, a carpenter, a designer, a motivator, and so on. Bottom line is…. We did it!!! Choice Marina, close to a 100 crore project was completed and delivered to the people who trusted in my team & me. Having given all my explanations, I would like all of you to watch a short video link which is attached below “Mission accomplished”. For those of you who still have trust in my faith of demonstrating the “Never Say Die” attitude, continue reading.
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Responses to
 Anand Kathiresan says:
Wish you a grand success.
 Mukesh Kumar says:
Thank You Sir, for the writing I OWE YOU AN APOLOGY, All the very best.