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Tuesday 06th May, 2014



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Dear Friends ,

I am writing this story from New York, a place that I always enjoy living! – From Wall Street to Time square and back to SOHO where you generally see people from different walks of life. I have always observed people on the street with full of energy. People travelling in the subway to their work place and to different universities with ear plugs, listening to either music or motivational subjects, paying no attention to others but just being to themselves. What I observed in them was,they all had some sort of dream. Some relaxed, some pressured. I must believe they have bills to pay and are out there to make it work. I have seen the same think in Japan and in various other countries and sometimes I relate these type of people to my life as well, I too have gone through this.Right at the beginning of my life I stayed focused about my future, goals, ambitions and vision which got me on the driving seat to chase my dreams, and I think this is what made me what I am today.

Recently I did a personal review and took stock of my strengths and weaknesses. While I fully know my weaknesses which I am working on…., I did examine my strengths as well. To me it is very clear, knowledge is my strength.. For me learning became a habit and part of my daily routine. Whenever I had the opportunity to meet people with larger knowledge than me.. I always made it a point to hang out with them and learn. Many ask me how I did this even without going to college?. My answer is “you too can”. You may want to know what my biggest weakness is.. I must confess it’s still FEAR. I fear about the unknown! Trust me friends running a business is not that easy. You have to be always standing by PREPARED to face the unexpected. While I am getting out of this, I feel I still have a long way to go!.
Some people have made it to the top accidently and some through even dubious means. But according to me one derives happiness along with success through hard work. When I wake up every morning I feel so energized thinking what I could do better than yesterday. On certain days I too wake up with a heavy heart thinking of my day ahead and I too get worried about one too many things, which could reflect on my efficiency. In this situation I will somehow try and get out and be what I want to be. I always tell others … no matter what.. Keep fighting to succeed, this is the mantra!

In the last six months I was almost like a construction worker on site working at my last project in Cochin, “Choice Marina”, which with pride I must confess, stands out today as a monument in the city of Cochin. A great achievement which turned out to be a great venture. I feel great because I did put in great efforts along with my entire team and completed the project successfully. I did sweat quite a bit and went through many hurdles but at the end of day I feel “we earned it.” and this is what I want to define as success well earned!

Today you see youngsters looking to make quick money. Let it be gains from stock market, real estate or even simply being a middle man. Some of them, have made it big… living a heavenly life! To me wealth earned without sweat is not sustainable. By the way these are my theories and need not match with every ones views. I believe in being a real entrepreneur, who will turn ideas to products and goods and even services. So friends one needs to re-visit goals and see what corrections need to be made.

I have stories to narrate and if my readers go and see my previous blogs you will seethe facts of earning rightfully. But there are so many other stories I haven’t written yet because some of you may not believe them. I am not only a motivational person but also a person who addresses the next generation with a full insight into my life experiences. Many youngsters today think of success stories of Google, Amazon and various other new gen companies. Please don’t think that these guys just sat in a garage with a computer and made it work. No, they did spend every bit of their savings and probably borrowed money and convinced short term investors about their vision and that is what made them what they are today. Having an idea alone does not help. One has to have an industrial mind to achieve ones goal.

I have never been lucky in my life so far creating accidental wealth. Sometimes I wonder why I was not able to make a profit when I bought something and tried to sell it at a higher price?. For some reason it always ended up in a loss. I have not transacted in the stock exchange by either buying or selling stocks nor have I traded in real estate. I always found pleasure of adding wealth through shear hard work.

Of late I not only enjoy my daily work which of course has good and bad issues but also make it a point to create a daily success and failure balance sheet of my day to day activities. I don’t leave for the day unless and until I get a message from my inner conscience which says “you performed for the day”. As I leave my desk after work I write a short note to my key employees saying“ I had a great day, enjoyed working, feel great and “I earned my pay”.

I hope some of you will derive something from this blog and understand what I mean by “earned my pay”.

Friends, trust me. You will enjoy your wealth however little or large if you get the feeling that you EARNED IT.
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