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Wednesday 27th August, 2014



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 As I re-start writing my blog after a gap of almost two months, I feel great and encouraged to be engaged again writing to my friends.   From now on I will be writing on some general subjects purely from a businessman’s perspective.  As I sit down to write on this bright Sunday morning here in New York thrilled as usual dreaming about my aspirations, I thought I must share with you some of my philosophies and experiences.

I was reading the India news on-line and I got to know about the Kerala State Government’s move to virtually make the State a “Dry State”.  .  While I am not an opponent of alcoholism or creating a bad society, I feel this move is a very big mistake . No politician or individual  for their personal gain and vote bank can take away the personal freedom of a citizen.  It is the right of each one to live his own life and I don’t think the politicians have any role to play. They can’t be a father nor mother to anyone to teach them right from wrong.  It becomes the responsibility of the parents and self-discipline in every home and society to ensure that alcoholism does not become the order of the day but also uphold high standards of character.  According to me, this move is infringement of ones right being carried out probably to please certain communities and to gain votes.  Where in the world today do you see happenings of this sort.  When countries are struggling economically and when they are going after improving infrastructure and facilities to encourage tourism, Kerala State is doing just the opposite.  To my understanding, sale of liquor is a major revenue earner for the State.  The State of Kerala lacks infrastructure and development and if the state is going to lose out on this revenue, how will the State survive? What is the vision of our politicians?  Do they think the next generation is going to completely turn into alcoholics?  No, I don’t think so.  Instead of taking these type of wrong methods, the State on the contrary should start educating the public and bring in preventive measures for abuse of alcohol.  This drastic move is not going to help anybody.  I too drink in moderation. What right does the State have to tell me what to do and what not to?  Any wonder why people are leaving the State of Kerala?


Right now the State holds a very pathetic situation where you see no industry coming up with dependence mainly on retail.  For a State to prosper you need money and there should be revenue generated from various commercial activities.  What will a foreigner perceive when he or she arrives in Kerala and gets to know that they cannot even have a bottle of beer to beat the heat .This is called stupidity.  I hope sense will prevail on the politicians of Kerala to reverse this decision and start the process of educating the public and bring in sustainable practices to balance the act of enjoyment and abuse.

Where on earth do you see the Government ridiculing people’s right?  I have read books of post Second world war where people had to stand in line for their ration including alcohol quota.  Today in the State of Kerala you see men standing in line as if they are still in the post second world war era.    It is so shameful.  This most stop.  The government should run and administer the State and make it prosperous and  not get involved in the personal affairs of the people.  How are the Government ESI hospitals supporting the needy in Kerala?

Dear Friends, I hope whoever reads this blog will read it in the right perspective and never encourage alcoholism.  But infringement of ones right should be safe guarded.  Stay healthy!!

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