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Wednesday 28th January, 2015



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Dear Friends, I hope all of you are still enjoying your brand new month of January, 2015 and I am sure most of you have made plans for the remainder of the year. Once again, all the best!!

For me, as usual, life is all about pursuing new avenues and chasing new ideas and desires. As time passes, day by day, I am getting excited about initiating new ideas and projects. It seems to be never ending. I am quite contented personally and keep asking myself “why am I doing all this”?

To update you on the latest, one of the initiatives that I have embarked upon, now, is expanding The Choice School beyond Kochi.On the 22nd of January, 2015, the Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala, Shri Oomen Chandy along with the Home Minister, Shri Ramesh Chennithala laid the foundation stone for The Choice School, Thiruvalla. We are soon starting a school in Calicut as well.

I treat this move at the Choice School as a representation of not only our commitment to education but also as a demonstration of a re-defined approach to my philosophies which are to be passed on to the next generation. These are the areas where I believe new initiatives are required.

I see there are many schools in Thiruvalla and as I was travelling in the car, I saw hundreds of children dressed in various uniforms walking the roads after school. I observed them very carefully and I am very convinced that these young children have the ability and capability to become fine leaders. To become fine leaders there has to be excellent training at the early stage of one’s life and that is what I believe ‘schooling’ is all about.

In todays world the demands have changed, expectations have altered and the present generation doesn’t think the way I used to think when I was in school. I have enjoyed and I still enjoy pursuing new ideas on how to build a complete person out of a kid, not just through an academic process but through discovering multiple talents in a child and creating opportunities for those talents to blossom thereby maximizing their output.

In 1990 when I ventured into education, I had a vision which I have carefully nurtured .I will continue to develop new and modern techniques in bringing character development and leadership closer to the children through the process of modified techniques. India with her strength of population of youth, close to 300 million, has the potential to be a world leader and the only way to tap its full potential is by investing in them through the process of education and showing them the world where opportunities exist.

I have always believed the job of providing education is not just the job of the Government. The Government does its job but you and I know that there are limitations. It is the various corporate of this country who have to come forward and build excellent educational institutions for this country.

Can you imagine the youngsters in India being provided with excellent training at the school level? My God! It will be an un-imaginable dream.

I have a dream and I am well focused on making further commitments in the field of education and that is why you now see the Choice School expanding. I am dedicating this blog to the new initiatives of Choice School, giving full credit to all at the School right from the Principal to the gate keeper. At the same time, I want to thank all the parents of the past and present, students of the past and present for supporting the Choice School.

In India today you see how the Honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is driving the nation in a different direction. We need to follow him. I have trust in him and his team and with our combined efforts I am sure we can build a better India. Let’s work together and make this happen!!!

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