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Friday 26th June, 2015



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Dear Friends,

All of you know that I love communicating with all my readers and friends but due to my extensive travel schedule I have not been able to post my blogs on a regular basis. I am sure that in the future I will be able to live up to my own commitments by staying in touch with all of you. Itís about three years since I started writing and I have come across people world over who have appreciated what I have done in sharing my real life stories. In addition to this, I had the opportunity of meeting many new friends and in the bargain I too benefited from my new relationships.

My life has been very interesting and challenging during the past one year; jumping in between the good and the bad. However, today I feel really energized and Iím all set to go again to the unknown. This is my usual style of embracing risk taking and in the process you sometimes get blind folded, not knowing what you are getting into and at the same time enjoying the thrill of coming out of these situations successfully. People think I am crazy but I am not. I am only trying to do things my way because I always attempt and do things which others may find difficult to handle and that is how I differentiate myself from others.

I donít know how many times I crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the past seven months. I think I spent more time travelling in the last few months fueling my desirous engine, looking for new opportunities and exploring new ideas. The latest trigger in my life is growth and the urge to convert my new dreams to reality. While I enjoy working and feel the pleasure of whatever I do, sometimes I look at the life of a person who does things his own way and I wondered if I am doing justice to myself by not taking a break or vacation like others do. Friends, with this in mind, I decided to go for a trip to Japan and Korea (my favorite countries) along with my good friend Mohan Lal. All of you know Mohan Lal, donít you? A person with tremendous knowledge, vision and of course hard working. A super star and a hero of South Indian cinema! We share good vibes and great moments of the past and present. Both of us have been planning for this break for a long time and finally we made it. We got on the plane and were all set to go.

We traveled to my favorite destination Japan. Lal had done a shoot in Tokyo about thirty years back and he too was pretty thrilled with my selection of destination. He is a dreamer and imaginative person and that is why I love him, besides his acting skills and simplicity. What inspired me to visit Japan is the fact that I had been there several times and I have a great respect for the Japanese and the Koreans. A well-disciplined nation with the entire population staying focused who simply go by the rules and enjoy living by the rules. This is one of the reasons that attracted me to these countries right from my younger days. The pride they take in their inventions, style of execution, success and accepting failures graciously amazes me. Some of you may know about Hara-kiri-ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword, practiced by the Samurai in the traditional Japanese and South Korean society. This is something that has historically existed in Japan for time immemorial. I spoke at length with Lal about my several tips to Japan and Seoul and built up some kind of a momentum with him as well.

We both stepped out of the airplane in Narita airport where we were received by my colleagues. As I mentioned, Lal was purely on a holiday, whereas I had as usual, combined some work as well, on this trip. We had a great time together. I introduced Lal to some of my favourite Japanese cuisine. We had a great time eating the perfect Kobe beef, Shabu Shabu and of course lunch at an Indian Nair Restaurant where we had Murghi Chicken, all in Tokyo. It was an experience indeed!

Lal came along with me for all my business meetings and I think today he is fully ready to launch his own business empire if needed in Tokyo (that is what I felt) as he too has an entrepreneurial mind. This is no joke, trust me. He is multi-talented. Lalís birthday was on the 21st of May and we were in Seoul, Korea on that day. He writes his blogs on the 21st of every month, without fail and he was preparing to write from the 18th of May onward. In spite of the late nights, I couldnít believe that he sat down on 21st morning, wrote his blog and posted it. His level of commitment is like that of the Japanese. I see some common relationship here. Friends, this is how I learn. You too have to do the same thing in surrounding yourself with people who are better than you and thus enhancing your thought process and vision.

To me it is all about having a positive attitude. It is positive attitude that makes a change in a personís outlook, approach and life style. We should all learn to celebrate our successes and at the same time when we fail, we need to accept it. Lal and I were travelling on the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto. It was a two hour journey. We boarded this train which travels about 300 km per hour by first class. There were outstanding facilities on board (even in the economy class). Perfect departure time. Everything worked like clockwork. The train moved, Lal pushed his seat back and tried to catch up on some sleep. I too was in the mood for that. I donít know if Lal thought that I was an annoying person to travel with because I kept talking and disturbing him with ideas that crossed my mind. Every once in a while I woke him up and saidĒlook at this countryĒ I rambled on and on about Japan... I looked up and saw a great panel right above my seat, I checked out the carpet, pushed my seat to a comfortable position and settled down. People who are close to me (including my children) know that I am a very picky person. I am a person who pays close attention to detail, to the extent that I am branded as a ďdifficult personĒ to deal with. Friends, I will write about this later about what makes others feel that I am a difficult person.

As the train was cruising at high speed, I stretched my hands up to the top of the panel and ran my fingertips along it (as I usually do when I visit my food factories). I normally donít look at the surface of the table where we process our products but instead run my finger under the table and in the difficult areas, to check if there is any dirt or objectionable material. To my utter surprise, I saw dirt on my finger which came from the panel above. I could not believe this as I thought this could never happen in Japan. Do you know what I did? I called the train conductor and showed her the dirt. She was pretty apologetic and I could see that she had a ďlose-faceĒ situation. This is a phrase the Japanese use when they get the feel of being let down. She bowed and apologized to me and walked away. In about five minutes her boss, who is the chief of the train, came up to our compartment and almost knelt down and apologized to both of us and offered to refund the cost of our travel. Lal and I were shocked. Is this called attitude? This is beyond attitude. What the train conductor and her chief did was accepting failure graciously and offering corrective action. Can you imagine this scenario in India? In fact, I told Lal that in one of his movies he should add a script where a Japanese man travels on an Indian train and experiences the same situation. Can you imagine what would be the scene?

Friends, there is so much to learn in life, to keep your head on your shoulders and your feet on the ground; taking full advantage of every situation by working hard, delivering and being successful. Itís not an easy journey but you got to do it. That is what many other successful people in this world, including Lal, have done. Remember there is a price to be paid for success!

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