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Saturday 31st December, 2016



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Once again we have come to the transition of leaving old for something new! "Goodbye 2016.. Hello 2017!!" As we all know, our ancestors left the safety of their homes across the oceans and ventured into new life experiences in a new land, to create true meaning of life for the next generation and granted them the wisdom of "hope" . Let all of us now leave behind the old failures to take on new conquests in what lies ahead of us in 2017.

Dear friends, some of you must have already started to celebrate the New Year while others must be getting ready to welcome the New Year. While this is a time of happiness and fun, we must use this opportunity in evaluating our lives and to see how we could have been of better use to the world we live in. This is the time to do an introspection not only to evaluate where we went wrong but also to examine if we forgot to be of help to another brother or sister, in holding someone's hand in times of need, in being more charitable and spreading the message of "hope" to the people around us.

Life has never been simple. It presents itself with challenges that at times seem almost impossible to cope up with but we do the best we can and move on, don't we? Some of us often say "I am only human and to error is human" and we continue with our life living under the excuse not feeling guilty about it. To cope with all our failures we hide under the same excuse and it gets easier and easier to just roll with actions and after time, we just do it and accept it and want more before we realize, we have become addicted to being "selfish"

In this blog I want to dedicate my personal life to those people who have thanked me for what I have done for them, who helped me in my need, to those who were considerate to me, people who have forgiven me and to those people who were appreciative of what I did. I want to once again thank all my dear friends' world over for having supported me all through the year 2016. In fact I would like to write names of a few people who have really touched my life but for the sake of anonymity I do not wish to name them.

People who are in power must realize the power is granted to them and they must be prepared to dedicate to use this power to touch the lives of many people whom they are supposed to serve. This applies to politicians, educators, and entrepreneurs, social workers, medical professionals, engineers, scientists and so on. We all are born into this world for a reason and ultimate beneficiary must be "mankind". If we all can understand this objective and start working towards this, we will be able to get many more people to walk through the door of "hope".

I have seen some people who are absolute givers and I have always admired them. You ask them for one and they give you more. It doesn't mean that they are a bunch of fools who need to be giving away what they have, but to me these are the real human beings. Only when we live we can be useful to other people and when I go back and think about my 2016, I feel very accomplished in this regard. I did go through my own difficulties and faced many unexpected challenges in the year 2016. But I was able to overcome all these not only because I worked hard but held on to my belief about "hope". As I sit here in New York looking at the Manhattan skyline dreaming about the New Year and dreaming about the new hope my mind is asking me again and again to dedicate my life to be the messenger of "change and hope".

I hope our children will understand the spirit of being a messenger of "hope" and not to become "selfish". Some of us are very concerned about the life style of our youngsters. Aren't we? They are addicted to many things - drugs, poor living habits and most of all the smart phone which they think is the ultimate tool of their life. We all see the new generation losing their values and forgetting the fact that we are human beings. It is unfortunate to see people today losing the spirit of relationship. Everyone is glued on to their phone with wires all over their body. They don't smile any more, they don't offer pleasantries any more. Some of them have even forgotten the fact that the people around them are "their own families". This is the price we have pay for technology advancements. I agree these devices have their own advantages, but I don't think this should come in the way of human relationships and this could be one of the most challenging "addictions"

While we all live in the hope of a better tomorrow, let me request all my readers, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Dads, Mums and even children and grandchildren to understand that we all have a responsibility in contributing to the society we live in and in correcting and guiding the next generation and instill a better value system in them. With this hope, I want to wish all my readers "A Very Promising 2017" and let's call it "Time for Change".

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