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Happy New Year
Tuesday 01st January, 2019



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Dear Friends,

Its 11 p.m. in India on 31st December and 12.30 in the afternoon in New York. I am writing this blog from New York.

As we all get ready to wish adieu to 2018 and joyfully wait to embrace 2019, let me first wish each and every one of you a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year. I have to wait another 11 more hours. I too have made plans to go out with my family and spend some quality time together.. Of course it is pretty cold out here and we are expecting heavy rains as well. However people here in New York City have already started to crowd up at Times square to watch the ball drop which is a big event in New York City. Everyone is celebrating the past and hoping for the best to come.

This is the usual thinking that goes into our mind. When the clock ticks exactly at 12 midnight, no one will say "wow! I lost 2018". Generally we say "let the past go by and let's look ahead by bringing in the New Year". Why do we do this? To me it's because we always remember the good and bad during this moment and many bad things come to our mind as well. Whereas the New Year is a brand new feeling, a clean slate, new beginning, new resolutions, etc. This is a fact. So, as we all welcome the New Year, let us all take the opportunity in looking at the past year and to analyze what great things we did that could benefit people around us. How many people have we reached out to and helped? How many have we forgiven? What great deeds have we done? There is so much to think. When I analyze my 2018, I must say it was pretty eventful, challenging and at the same time painful in some ways. I am putting my pains behind and looking forward to a great 2019. Remember we all live in this world as artists on a stage; doing our job of what we are asked to do. The role we are assigned. Let's perform.

Dear friends, as we welcome 2019 I would like all of you to re-commit our purpose of life and the reason we are here for. Letís make baby steps in what we feel needs correction and enjoy life to the fullest.

Let me conclude this short blog by thanking everyone who stood by me and supported me in my good and bad times. There are many out there who needs help! There are many out there who are crying! There are many out there who are in need! Look out for them as well. Once again enjoy 2019.

God Bless.

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