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Monday 10th May, 2010



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My objective in writing this blog is to share my concern for my country along with thirty seven years of world experience with my readers who I believe are catalysts in effecting changes and making a difference to our neighborhood, our country and to the much larger world we live in. I also write with the clear cut objective of understanding the meaning of responsibility and living up to those responsibilities while being accountable for our actions and deeds with a deep sense of respect for one another, nurturing the sense of giving and mastering the fine art of being compliant citizens, thus creating a better India. I undertake this venture with utmost sincerity.

It is to be noted that my writing is not directed at any individual, institution, department or Government. The opinions voiced on this site are clearly my personal views with the simple intent of having my readers enjoy a good read.

This site will contain thought provoking subjects, subjects that call for attention, some of them will be supported by evidences, and some based on my travel experiences and some on the experiences that I have been confronted with, in life. It shall be my constant endeavour to keep it witty, humourous and light wherever possible.

Finally my objective is to change lives and thoughts by my writing.

Come, read and enjoy…..

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