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I am writing this note sitting here at my home in Monroe New Jersey. Me and my wife are in kind of a self-quarantine as per directions announced by the Government of United States. This also helps us and people around us.


I am working from home. It’s our 10th day since I even seen my granddaughter. And my 4 children who lives’ around me in the same state (N J). this new experience of distancing from even your loved ones seems a bit difficult, but I am working harder and putting these pains behind me.  I am staying on top of things related to my business and making sure, we will be able to weather this storm. But I am aware of the fact that it’s a big challenge!   The totally unexpected and unwelcome enemy attacked us. caught us by surprise!  now we need to defeat the enemy this can only be achieved by the whole nation standing united and following the directions issued by our government.  we all need to go through this pain for defeating this enemy. please stay united and be responsible. we need individual accountability, no matter who you are.


Like Me, Starting today all of you will have to stay home due to this lock down. Hence I thought of writing this blog because working from home has been a new and different experience for me and I thought of sharing some of those experience has been great so far. I am able to concentrate and work better, at the same time I am able to read more  and see more happenings all over  the world by viewing the world news and of course  paying attention  to "A  great leader, Donald Trump" coming and talking to all of us every day, along with his COVID task force team. I wish India had the visionaries and wealth to fight this pandemic like USA is fighting.  After listening to learned professionals today I feel like a semi medical practitioner. Lots of knowledge coming my way for free.


This morning US government approved a stimulus bill for 2 Trillion dollars to support the sufferings of the people jobs, and suffering businesses; big, small and medium. This money will be given to offer support to various hospitals/ medical research and businesses from Boeing to the smallest restaurant.


I wonder how the Indian economy will survive with this Lock Down. While I really respect our Prime Minister and his team, I am wondering how the people of India will survive this unexpected situation.  Without the government coming up with bold steps to support the people and the economy, I doubt if things are going to be comfortable. If substantial help is not offered to support the economy, the failures will be more damaging than the virus. People will go into depression which can lead to catastrophic situations, Just Extending tax filing dates and making baby steps is not going to help! At this time, We need bold and courageous actions failing which the pain from economic disaster will be much greater and dangerous than the virus! 


After few days banks and loan sharks will start knocking at the doors. How will people handle it? Think about the poor people in Rural India? 

Exports will fall which will result in closures of many small and medium exporters and for them to get back on their feet is going to be difficult unless the government now will help them to stay afloat.

I have just touched base only on a few of my concerns, there are many more, The forthcoming economic disaster can only be controlled by timely intervention by the government and RBI. Please do it now, keep up the spirits and hope of the business community. I wonder what will happen to the aviation and tourism sector, they are the back bone of Indian economy. Big houses have reserves and they have access to many alternatives.


America has announced bold steps besides the financial help that’s going into effect starting tomorrow. No foreclosures of homes, banks cannot disturb borrowers and many more. One may wonder, why is J T comparing USA to a growing nation like India?  I don’t mean that, I am aware of the limitations a country like India has and I am sure they can do better. I wish I was part of our PMO’s team. I could have contributed.


Of the many ideas why shouldn’t the Government should stall the Bullet train project? Stop all infrastructure development for the time being and use these allocated funds to support the financial impact that will arise from this shut down.  RBI must announce policy changes that will ease the banking challenges give time to borrowers, change the NPA norms and many more. I am sure they will.


My heart goes out to the people who are suffering from this virus and to those who will / are / may face serious economic disasters.


Let the Government go to WORLD BANK AND IMF and seek help. Let them cut costs and many more initiatives can be implemented.


Now let’s think about our current situation and make some changes to our life style for the next 21 days and beyond as the lock down has started.




Having said all this, let me write a few ideas for all of you to practice and implement.


Stay healthy, Eat Healthy and Exercise (indoors).  Meditate, follow the guidelines issued by the Government for changes to your life style – wash, wash, and stay clean.


Work harder, practicing this trick and you will see reduction in stress levels. Catch up on past inefficiencies if any, set new goals.


Think about the consequences of COVID and plan. Start to anticipate. Stay positive.


Upgrade your knowledge, read watch and read, ask people for help and learn. Build role models in your mind and say I want to change.


Character - learn to be honest. Let our children learn the real meaning of integrity. Spend peaceful time with family. Perhaps many of the MEN folks are not used to staying at home experiencing new and different scenes every day. Hence patience and calm in handling of any situation becomes very important. Keep cool!  Keep the entire family in good spirits. Don’t be afraid. Don’t feel lonely. find a new indoor hobby. hey music is a great idea.  Learn to play a musical instrument.


Do things that will draw the attention of your creator and enjoy the gifts of God!  Help each other. Be kind. Learn to give, learn to ask, Be empathetic.


I am sure the world will get over all these challenges.



Stay tuned for more… glad I am back to writing blog’s once again!