Jose Thomas began his entrepreneurship at the young age of 17. Born in Cochin, India as the 10th child of O. C. Thomas, partner of Choice Canning Company, he entered the family seafood business on the demise of his father... Read More...



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“ Is our own hands, we can choose the way we live it ”
“ Integrity, honesty and progressive thinking – these are values to hold on to ”
“ Take cognisance of good and bad memories and use them to build a happier and better future ”
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Covid-19: My thoughts on the global pandemic
19 Apr 2020

I am writing this blog with mixed feelings, sitting within the closed doors at my home in New Jersey, about 45 miles away from New York City, the epicenter of the Covid-19 in America, working off of my laptop with great hopes of seeing the world hop and thrive again!  Missing my City life… feeling terrible watching an empty and inactive Time Square!

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I Wish

I wish everyone would think he can be successful. Do you understand what success is? It is something we celebrate inside our minds. It is the dire result of an evidential feel of achievement.

Before embarking on any journey, it is only natural to ponder 'why should I?' and 'what for?'. It is only human. Though I don't have the credibility of an established writer.

As a young cricketer wishes he could be Sachin Tendulkar and a young economist hopes that he emulate Dr.Manmohan Singh,dear friends it's a long way to this point.

Did you know that at the age of 16 I lost my father?.... For you to fully know me will take a lot of reading! I will be completely honest in sharing all my experience